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Media ConversionProject Intake Request Form

This form is for use by PCC faculty and staff who want to request the conversion of video and other media resources:

  1. For use in PCC courses (online and classroom-based)
  2. In support of PCC programs and services
  3. To promote PCC programs and services

Please fill out the form as completely as you can and someone will contact you about your request as soon as possible.

Make sure you have reviewed the PCC copyright statement, and that you have the correct permission for all material used.

Contact Information
Course information
Media Information
Copyright information

Please be aware that PCC might not be able to fulfill this request due to copyright law. For an overview of issues around media conversion, please see Media Conversion: Copyright Issues

Copyright protection:

If you have questions about using copyrighted media in your class, please visit guides.pcc.edu/copyright or contact the PCC Copyright Committee: copyright@pcc.edu.