Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

What is the PCC MakerLab?

It is a place for the curious. It is an interdisciplinary innovation studio dedicated to the art and science of makingmaking ideas real, making friends, making yourself marketable in a high-tech world.


The MakerLab is full of cool machines. It has over a dozen rapid prototyping machines including 3D printers and scanners, CNC machines, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, sheet metal tools, plastic injection molder, and sewing machines. Make almost anything – gearboxes, games, replacement parts, pewter castings, and wearable tech.


The MakerLab consists of one large shop area and three smaller breakout rooms, covering 1500 square feet of creative workspace that includes a lounge, study area, computer labs, fabrication areas, a music system, refrigerator, coffee station, and even its own bathroom for when you can hardly break away from the fun.

  • Location: Sylvania AM 101 (lower lot beneath the auto shop)
  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 10am-5pm
  • Calendars: General

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