Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The following table includes the important resources for faculty wishing to have video produced or distributed.
Staff Services
Michael Annus,
Mike McNamara
Video Production Specialist
Professional productions for faculty and departments; instructional, educational, promotional. Vodcasting.
Monica Martinez-Gallagher,
Instructional Media Specialist
Faculty production support, multimedia, Podcasting.
Greg Kaminski,
Instructional Computing Facilitator
Faculty training, equipment and production lab
Jim Johnstone (RC),
Andre Temkin (SE),
Melany Budiman (SY),
Instructional Technology Specialists
Faculty production support at each campus.
Karen Sorensen, Instructional Technology Specialist Coordinating accessibility for online courses
Chelsea Sprauer,
IVC Coordinator
IVC and Videoconferencing arrangements.
Maria Wagner,
Library Technology Manager
Library resource videos; streamed and regular video, Films Media Group.