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Use an international 3D world to immerse your students in experiential learning.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is for archiving purposes only. OCCDLA/CCWD funding for the Second Life pilot and Oregon Community Colleges Island in Second Life expired June 30th, 2012. At that time, Oregon Community Colleges Island in Second Life was retired and the project came to a close. The Philosophy Garden is now available on Oregon State University's "Beaver Island". If you are interested in using Second Life or virtual worlds in your curriculum, please contact Monica Marlo Monica Marlo M-G in Distance Education.

Oregon Community Colleges Distance Learning Association (OCCDLA) and The Oregon Department of Community Colleges Workforce Development (OR CCWD) has teamed up with each community college distance learning department statewide to offer virtual meeting, event and classroom space on Oregon Community Colleges Isle. PCC is a part of this virtual community.

What is Second Life?

Second Life is an online world where you create an account and use an avatar, or virtual representation of your self to move through the environment, and interact with people and experiences there. This virtual world is built by it’s residents, and hundreds of higher education institutions from around the physical world have joined this community and are using it (and other virtual worlds) in their classrooms for teaching and learning, training and communications.

Why use Second Life in your courses?

If you teach a distance course, using Second Life can give you opportunities to present a virtual place with a sense of presence for your students. It can also be a place to meet and help support distance learners’ engagement, by immersing them with fellow learners in ways that other technologies don’t.

The building and scripting tools available in Second Life give instructors the opportunity to present objectives from a different perspective- whether that mean adopting an alternative identity, or showing an objective in ways not possible in the physical world. Scripted experiences can be created to immerse a learner in scenarios built to reinforce teaching objectives. If you are curious about the ways Second Life may be useful to your course delivery or have an idea for using Second Life you’d like assistance with, please contact Monica Martinez-Gallagher.

OR CC Isle Examples:

  • The Philosophy Garden and CS161 (CGCC)
  • Indigenous Flora Botany Walk (PCC- BI 202, April Ann Fong)
  • Computer Game Programming (PCC- CS161, W. Morales)
  • Weekly Team Meeting around the Campfire

Training Opportunities

We have a section of the faculty resource center dedicated to topics and resources surrounding Virtual Worlds and OR CC Isle in Second Life. PCC instructors, please log into your D2L account and into the Faculty Resource Center for instructions on how to use Second Life in your courses, and a place to ask questions, make comments and interact with your colleagues interested in this topic.

We also have a public Google Calendar that lists upcoming events on the island.

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