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News and Information about Course Tools

Course Tools from Spring 2016 or before

Course materials from spring 2016 or before can be found by going to the old MyPCC. Instructions to the left.

MyPCC New Login Screen

Update: The refresh for MyPCC was completed on June 15th. Some of you may be wondering how to access your course materials for previous terms.

Log into the old MyPCC if you need to access MyPCC Courses prior to summer 2016.

  1. Copy materials from old myPCC by going to My Courses tab and click on your course
  2. Save the materials (links, files, photos, etc.) to your computer. You may want to utilize MS Word document to copy & paste your links and news announcement messages.
  3. Go to the new MyPCC and upload your material.

The new Course Tools is available now to faculty teaching Summer course. Instructors will use the new tools for summer term courses. The content on this page is being updated to support the new version; updated materials will be posted soon. Check back regularly for updated information.

There are several notable changes coming to MyPCC Course Tools that instructors will want to know about. For example, instructors will need to retrieve the materials they wish to keep from the current interface as this will not be done for them. They will then need to upload all the content in the new version.

Course Tools sessions at each campus have concluded but training is available for Summer term faculty. Contact your campus IT Specialist to schedule a 1-1 training or check our training workshop schedule.

A group demo of MyPCC Course tools is available for your department or committee meeting. Please contact Steve Beining to arrange for a demo.

What are Course Tools?

Course tools are applications that allow you to interact with your students in a variety of ways via the MyPCC portal. Course tools can be used to foster communication in and out of the classroom through email and discussions, and to share course files, links, photos and homework.

Course tools can do the following:

  • easily send email to your class
  • make course announcements
  • provide a course discussion area & chat
  • post links to websites
  • upload images & files for current term
  • easily clone content from term to term


Contact your campus IT Specialist for this training.


  • Course Tools:
  • Others:
    • MyPCC Login Help
    • Course Progress Notification (CPN)
    • Banweb Student Grades
      Our department does not support Banweb. Please contact registration office at: 971-722-7100 for any issue with Banweb grades.
      • Enter grades in Banweb/MyPCC
      • FAQ for Faculty Services Menu
      • Changing grades in Banweb.
        This grade change is NOT complete. Here is a reminder of the college's electronic grade change procedure. As this ensures security compliance (FERPA law), this is the only way we will accept grade changes electronically.
        Follow the steps listed below:
        1. Log on to MyPCC
        2. Click on the Faculty Tab
        3. Click on Summary Class List
        4. Choose the Appropriate Term
        5. Choose the Appropriate CRN
        6. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the ‘Grade Changes’ link.
        7. Complete the entries on the Grade Change Request page (instructions appear at the top of the page). When you have completed your entries, press ‘Submit’.