Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Outgoing Video

Before starting please check in with Master Control at: x4990. The following instructions are for controlling the outgoing video signal by using the touch screen at the podium:

Note:  If the screen is dark, you must first gently touch it with your finger to wake it up.


Controls Computer

To project computer image on the screen, plasma screen and send the image to the other IP Video Classrooms:

  1. Verify the PC is turned on.
  2. Select "Computer" on the touch panel.
  3. When your class is over, leave the computer on.

Document Camera

Controls Document Camera
  1. Power on the document camera:
  2. Power on the TV monitor (this is for you to view placement of objects).
  3. Adjust focus/zoom if needed.
  4. Select "Document Camera" on the touch panel.

VCR: To present a VHS to the classroom(s)

Controls VCR
  1. Select "Video Recorder" from main menu.
  2. Insert video cassette into VCR.
  3. Press play, fast forward, rewind, pause and stop from the touch panel.

Instructor Camera

Controls Instructor Camera

To send the image of the video camera focused on you (at the podium):

  1. Select "Instructor Camera" from main menu.

Room Students

Controls Room Students

To activate the camera focused on the students in your classroom:

  1. Select "Room Students" from the main menu.


Controls Volume

This will adjust only the volume in your room:

  1. Adjust the incoming volume in your local room by pressing the up and down arrows on the touch panel volume control.

Microphone Instructions

Instructor Microphone

Controls Instructor Mic

For the wireless microphone:

  1. Clip on the microphone
  2. Flip switch to the "ON" position
  3. Test reception at other sites or master control:

    "Can you hear me?"

Student Microphone

On the desktops:

Controls Student Mic
  1. Instruct your students to press and hold the "push" button on their microphone continuously while speaking. Further details about the desk top microphones.