Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

IVC is a state of the art educational videoconferencing system integrating several technologies and using equipment that is easy to operate:

  • All equipment is scheduled by Media Services Technicians to turn on automatically before the start of class.
  • The instructor has constant, live, visuals of every site.
  • Open microphones allow participants to speak and hear other sites. Participants at the sites see the presenter, other participants, electronic notes, graphics, videos, and other selected images on a large screen.

The IVC classrooms at all PCC campuses can be used for linking throughout the district, to other sites in Oregon, and internationally. PCC is a leader in the use of high quality live, interactive video and audio conferencing systems.

Using the system

Most technical operations are done from the Sylvania Campus. Video signals are voice activated. When you speak, the other sites can see and hear you.

  • Call ext. 4990 for technical assistance.
  • PleaseĀ do not change the settings on the equipment, including the computer, without technical guidance.
  • After the event you do not need to turn off any of the equipment. Simply, turn off the classroom lights and make sure the door is securely closed when you leave.