Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

ScreenshotWhat is IVC?

IVC courses use video technology to connect classrooms throughout PCC. Instructors and students are connected in a live video and audio conference at scheduled times and locations. Courses using this technology are identified in the schedule. Students may register for and attend classes at the most convenient campus.

IVC students see their instructor on a large screen in the IVC classrooms. Students can also see fellow students attending class at different locations on the classroom screen. The instructor also sees students throughout the class.

Participants use microphones to immediately communicate with each other. Electronic whiteboards allow students at multiple sites to collaborate on the same document. Lectures, discussions and classroom activities are always live and in real time.

All classes are recorded and links to the recordings are made available to enrolled students by their instructors until the end of the term.

IVC classes are available at several locations. Students are able to choose the location most convenient for them. Available sites are listed for each class in the current class schedule . Students must contact the instructor if unable to attend the first class. Students may be dropped from the class if they do not attend on the first day.