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What is Collaborate?

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Collaborate is a program that allows for online collaboration, meetings, discussion, and desktop sharing. We highly recommend using the recorded training provided for Moderators, and participating in the live training before moderating your own session.


See a complete list of our Training Opportunities calendar. You do not need to register for the Collaborate Training sessions to attend, just click on the link and enter your name. Java plugin is required to launch Collaborate.

You can also visit Collaborate On-Demand Learning Resources website for up to date help for participants and moderators. Or you can contact your campus IT Specialist if you cannot attend the session listed.

Mobile Web Conferencing App

With Bb Collaborate Mobile Web Conferencing, students are able to join synchronous sessions or view recorded sessions from their phone or mobile device.  This app allows users to view the display area (presentation slides, application sharing, or web tour), communicate with session members using voice and/or text capabilities, and use other tools (polling, hand raising, emoticons, and breakout rooms) to participate in the session.

There is no additional setup required during the session creation process for Bb Collaborate sessions that are accessible via this app.  If students are Bb via a browser on a mobile device, the app will open automatically when they click the link for the Bb Collaborate session.  If students are accessing Bb using the Bb Mobile Learn app, instructors will need to provide a link to the Bb Collaborate session (as a web link) in a content area in order for the students to be able to launch the session using the Mobile Web Conferencing app (true Bb Collaborate links are not accessible in the Bb  Mobile Learn app).  Instructors can also put a link to the Bb Collaborate session in the Course Calendar or Announcements, both of which can be viewed on mobile devices with either a browser or the Bb Mobile Learn app.

To download the Bb Collaborate mobile app:

Handouts for Collaborate Ultra

Handouts for Collaborate v.12.5

For Instructor (Moderator):


For Students (Participant):

For more information about Collaborate, see Collaborate On-Demand Learning Center. If you need help, please contact Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support at 1-877-382-2293 (toll free, available 24 hours/day - 7 days/week).

Account Related

  • If you want to use Collaborate in Desire2Learn, you don’t need an account. However, You will need to request a Desire2Learn account because Collaborate is integrated within Desire2Learn.
  • For use outside of Desire2Learn, you will need an account. All PCC faculty/staff should have an account. Login to Blackboard Collaborate, username is your MyPCC username and password is your G# (capital G included).
  • If your attempt to login failed, you may need to request a Collaborate account.
  • If you already have an account but forgot your password, go to the login page and click on "Lost your password" link.
  • Students and other participants do not need to have a Collaborate account. The moderator simply provides the participants with a web link (and the meeting name, if necessary).