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What is Mediasite?

Mediasite allows you to create online training, briefings and courses automatically. You can create your presentation using any video or digital presentation source while the Mediasite Recorder records and synchronizes your audio, video and slides. Presentations may be indexed, which allows viewers to search for slides or chapters. You can immediately distribute your presentation with others.

Mediasite process graphicThis technology is available in PCC IVC classrooms. The IVC control room staff will do the recording; all you need to do is present your material

What can you create with Mediasite?

  • Short clips of routine topics that students may need to review, as many times as they want.
  • Full length lectures ( a one hour lecture produces about a 200mb .WMF file).
  • You can incorporate video, audio, computer, visual presenter, or VHS-DVD into your presentation.
  • Post production editing (if needed) will be done by competent staff in IVC control room.
  • You will be provided with a link to post inside your course (MyPCC, WebEasy or D2L).

Presentations can be published in these formats:

  • CD/DVD
  • USB devices
  • Stream media server (you will receive a link to your finished production within 24 hours.)

Preparation for Mediasite Production:

  • View the Mediasite samples productions (listed below).
  • Organize your material and brainstorm learning objectives.
  • We recommend writing a script. The script can be posted on a telepropmter for your use during production and act as a transcript post-production.
  • If you are not familiar with Interactive Video Classroom (IVC), learn more about IVC or contact Chelsea Martin.
  • Schedule a production time in the IVC classroom on your campus.
  • At the time of your recording, let the Media Services Technician know which final format you want.


Please use Internet Explorer to view samples.
The Many Lives of Igor Stravinsky - Beth Karp
Feature: lecture presentation.
DH 103 - Oral pH Balance - Sandie Curren
Feature: lecture presentation.
Fostering Success Forum (2-11-11) - Chris Chairsell and John Emerson
Feature: using the skills of the video production team and mashing it to Mediasite.
Caption: available.
ESOL - Past Progressive I - L. Deniz and S. Bailie
Feature: short lecture presentation.
Caption: available.
AVS 120 Class One and AVS 120 Class Two (8-4-08) - Katie Leonard-Floyd
Feature: lecture in IVC, interacting with students from different campus, showing computer screen and starboard.
Geology 108 (week 10 - What are Biologic Organisms and Ecosystems) - Gretchen Gebhardt and Jill Betts
Feature: green screen shooting with high resolution background.
Caption: available.

Video Tutorials

For more information, contact:

  • Marc Cole (971-722-4950), Multimedia and Video Specialist