Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Why this is Important

All students, but especially blind students can easily become overwhelmed by the numerous links and pathways in a learning management system (LMS) like Blackboard or D2L. A web page's navigation should give users a clear idea of where they are on the website and where they need to go.

How to Achieve this Accessibility Guideline

Keep your navigation within the LMS clear and consistent throughout the course website, so students don't become confused about where to find the information they need.

For example, the Content page in D2L provides a list of all of the course assignments in a chronological order. Knowing that all of the course assignments are listed and linked to from that one page is very helpful to any student, but especially those with visual disabilities. If you have modules on the home page that a student needs to follow, make sure they know that. Don't make a student hunt for the course information. It will be ten times harder for the sight impaired student if they have to navigate the entire home page each time they go to your course.

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