Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Frequently Asked Questions

If we have multiple sections of a course online, can we just make one of them accessible and direct all students with disabilities to that course?

No. Where do I begin? Separate is not equal.

Our career technical program requires good vision and hearing, so do we need to make our online materials accessible?

Yes, because accessibility benefits more than just those who are blind and deaf. It benefits those who are low vision, hard of hearing, color-blind, have photosensitive seizure disorders, those who can't use a mouse and those with learning disabilities or learning preferences. Many individuals with functional limitations are able to adapt and meet technical standards with accommodation in place. We have a responsibility to allow such accommodation and ensure equal access and opportunity to participate. Instructors will never be asked to lower standards or alter the essential functions of the course, simply to ensure the instructional materials and activities are accessible to those who can meet the technical standards and are qualified to participate.

How do you make music accessible to the deaf?

Though it is possible, we are only asking the instructor to make their instructional materials and non-essential functions accessible. Beyond that, Disability Services will accommodate the student with disabilities who enrolls in the course.