In-Service Schedule of Events

Please note: If you don't see the meeting information that you're looking for, it may be because it has not yet been provided to us. This calendar will be updated periodically until the start of In-Service week. If you need information immediately, we recommend that you check with your department for details.

Assistance and special accommodations:
If you need an interpreter or special accommodations, please call the ADA Coordinator at 971-722-5851 or email at
No shuttle service for District In-Service:
Shuttle not available for District In-Service. Schedule to resume fall term. More details can be viewed on the Parking and Transportation website.
Event Day Date Time Location Contact
Cascade In-Service Tuesday 9/20/16 8am-12 noon CA MAHB 104 Abe Proctor
Rock Creek In-Service Tuesday 9/20/16 8am-1:30pm RC Bldg 9. Event Center Jennifer Hamlin
Southeast In-Service Tuesday 9/20/16 8:15am-1pm SE Community Hall Sara Bentley
Sylvania In-Service Tuesday 9/20/16 8am-2pm SY PAC Celina Baguiao
New Faculty Orientation Monday 9/12/16 8am-12pm RC 9 122 Kelly Schwartz
New Faculty Institute Tuesday and Wednesday 9/13/16 and 9/14/16 8:30am-4pm RC 9 122 A Traci Boyle-Galestiantz
Media Services Technology Fair Monday 9/19/16 8:30am - 12pm SY HT 213 Bill Luke
All Campus CERT Meeting Monday 9/19/16 12:30-2:30pm SY TCB 213 Alyson Lighthart
Dessert Monday 9/19/16 12:30-2:30pm SY Library, 1st floor, Living Room/lounge area Debbi Lomax
Learning Garden and Sustainability Tour Monday 9/19/16 TBD SY PAC – will meet and walk down to garden Peter Ritson
PCCFCE Union Meeting Monday 9/19/16 12-1pm SY ST 108 Maureen Travers
PCCFFAP Union Meeting Monday 9/19/16 12-1pm SY ST 100 Maureen Travers
SAC Chair and Friends Monday 9/19/16 1-4:30pm SY PAC (until about 3-3:30pm), breakouts from 3-4:30pm in TCB rooms TBA Kendra Cawley
BCTRE Division Meeting Tuesday 9/20/16 2-3:30pm SY TCB 218 Sandy Koester
MAIT Division Tuesday 9/20/16 RC Bldg 6 Hangar 2-4pm Chrissy Randall
Math, Science, Health & PE Division Meeting Tuesday 9/20/16 1:30-3:30pm CA JH 102 Janet Di Grazia
RC Science & Technology Division Meeting Tuesday 9/20/16 2-4pm RC 7 212 Niki Steele
Rock Creek Part-Time Faculty In-Service Tuesday 9/20/16 4-8pm RC 9 122 Heather Mayer
Student Support Services Division Retreat Tuesday 9/20/16 1-3pm SY SCB 205 Linda Chandler
SY Social Science Division Meeting Tuesday 9/20/16 1-3pm SY TBD Sarah Tillery
Sylvania Communication Studies/Journalism Dept Meeting Tuesday 9/20/16 3:30-5pm SY CT 233 Jeremy Estrella
VAPAD Division Meeting Tuesday 9/20/16 2-3:30pm SY CT 212 Selena Niles
Annual OSHA Training, SY Science and Engineering Division Wednesday 9/21/16 12-4pm SY ST TBD Dieterich Steinmetz
Faculty Dept Chair Institute Wednesday 9/21/16 8am-12:30pm RC 9 122 A & B Linda Blanchette
SY Science and Engineering Division Meeting Wednesday 9/21/16 4-5pm SY ST TBD Dieterich Steinmetz
Sylvania Part-Time Faculty In-Service Wednesday 9/21/16 5-9pm SY TCB 2nd Floor Tina Parrott
Theater SAC Meeting Wednesday 9/21/16 10am-2pm SY PAC 101 Patrick Tangredi
Art SAC Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 12-2pm SY CT 113 Charlie Washburn
COMM/J SAC Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 SY CT 233 9am-1pm Patricia Semura
Communication Studies SAC Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 9am-1pm SY CT 233 Susan Mann or Patricia Semura
EWL Annual Division Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 1-3pm SY CT 212 Dave Stout or Tami Allison
Fitness Technology SAC Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 10-11:30am SY HT 215 Tanya Littrell
Graphic Design Department Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 12-1:30pm SY CT 109 Nathan Savage
Life Science Department Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 1-2:30pm TBA Linda Fergusson-Kolmes
Math SAC meeting Thursday 9/22/16 12:30-3:30pm ST 209 Ross Kouzes
Newberg Center All Staff and Faculty Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 Newberg Center, 135 Werth Blvd, Newberg OR 5:30-8:30pm Lynn Quinn or Fern Berryman
Physical Science Department Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 SY ST 309 2-4pm Patty Maazouz
SY OSHA Safety Training Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 8-11am SY CT 212 Charlie Washburn
Sylvania's English and World Languages Division Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 1-3pm SY CT 212 David Stout
AHELS FDC Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 10 - 11:30am CA PSEB 112 Jeri Reed
AHELS Division Faculty & Staff Meeting Thursday 9/22/16 11:30am – 1pm CA PSEB 112 Jeri Reed
EAC Membership Retreat Friday 9/23/16 8:30am-12pm SY CC Oak/Elm/Fir Sylvia Gray
Integrated Studies SAC Friday 9/23/16 CA CH 201 2-4pm Martha Bailey or Angela Lohr
PE Faculty Department Meeting Friday 9/23/16 8:30-10:30am SYHT 213 Moe O'Connor
Cascade Summit – PT Faculty Inservice Saturday 9/24/16 8am-12:30pm CA Student Union, Room 202 Keri McCarty