Feedback Form Summary

Evaluation Criteria

1. Keynote speaker

Interesting 5-4-3-2-1 Not Interesting

  • 1 out of 68 ranked Sir Ken at level 6+++
  • 56 out of 68 ranked Sir Ken at level 5
  • 7 out of 68 ranked Sir Ken at level 4
  • 1 out of 68 ranked Sir Ken at level 3
  • 1 out of 68 ranked Sir Ken at level 2
  • 1 out of 68 ranked Sir Ken at level 1
  • 1 out of 68 did not rank this item

Motivational 5-4-3-2-1 Not Motivational

  • 1 our of 68 ranked Sir Ken at level 6+++
  • 48 out of 68 ranked Sir Ken at level 5
  • 11 out of 68 ranked Sir Ken at level 4
  • 4 out of 68 ranked Sir Ken at level 3
  • 2 out of 68 ranked Sir Ken at level 2
  • 1 out of 68 ranked Sir Ken at level 1
  • 1 out of 68 did not rank this item

2. Fall In-service Program

Program well organized 5-4-3-2-1-Not well organized

  • 1 out of 68 ranked program organization at level 6
  • 36 out of 68 ranked program organization at level 5
  • 18 out of 68 ranked program organization at level 4
  • 8 out of 68 ranked program organization at level 3
  • 0 out of 68 ranked program organization at level 2
  • 3 out of 68 ranked program organization at level 1
  • 2 out of 68 did not rank this item

Length of Program: Too long Too short Just right

  • 45 out of 68 ranked the program as just right
  • 16 out of 68 ranked the program as too long
  • 7 out of 68 did not rank this item

Did you like the menu this year? Yes No

  • 34 out of 68 chose Yes
  • 4 out of 68 chose No.
  • 30 out of 68 did not reply to this item.

Comments on keynote speaker

  • Fantastic speaker, very interesting and thought provoking. Very inspiring.

  • This was one of the best speakers we have had in the 23 fall in-services that I’ve attended.

  • Great keynote speaker. Extremely important topic. Thank you.

  • Fabulous, very interesting and entertaining and educational.

  • Keynote speaker was fabulous!

  • Keynote was great!

  • Great speaker.

  • Speaker was great!

  • Best keynote speaker yet! We need follow up discussions on his ideas.

  • I would like a two-day workshop with the keynote speaker.

  • Great! Fabulous! Thanks!

  • Great speaker!

  • Best speaker. Interesting and motivational.

  • Excellent keynote. Loved getting a useful definition of creativity.

  • I loved Sir Ken! So much better than last year and program was well organized – liked the lighting.

  • Sir Ken was one of the funniest, thought provoking speakers I have heard. He was a great choice for our diverse audience.

  • Sir Ken was outstanding – very though provoking and funny – and motivational! Great event!

  • Excellent speaker – loved his sense of humor. Great theme!

  • Speaker was a great improvement (over previous speakers).

  • I feel really energized and motivated by his ideas (keynote) and have implementation ideas. Perhaps we could have a discussion group on how to implement especially cross silo concepts and staff "university". We have it in a way with community education and tuition – waver but I am often booked and busy. I would love to teach a class in a related discipline or rotate for 1 year to another job at the college.

  • Congratulations on a stimulating, entertaining speaker.

  • Congratulations on your choice this year.

  • The best of the in-service program was the speaker. Maybe we can have someone of the same caliber, intellect and creativity next year.

  • Very interesting speaker, although rather long.

  • This keynote speaker was entertaining in the way her spoke. For some the message might be new but it wasn’t for me. I thought he was good at being a talking head and at factoids. I think one of the basic differences between us & British education is we do allow students more freedom to change, explore, develop, - his talk reflected his experience in UK not US!

Keynote speaker suggestions for next year

  • Futurists

  • Rosie Phillips Bingham – University of Memphis

  • Neil Howe – generational differences

  • Bring Sir Ken back!

  • Sir Ken!

  • More of the same!

  • Someone as good as this year!

  • Lucille Clifton

  • PCC faculty – nominate!

  • Milton Bennett!

  • Someone from PSU.

  • Someone knowledgeable about issues of community colleges.

  • Margaret Wheatley

  • Keep it pertinent to what we need to do.

  • If technological changes are moving so fast, we can’t completely keep up, so in preparing our students and ourselves to deal with this exponential change, what is the role of communication skills? How best can we teach students to communicate face-to-face, in writing, math, visual and performing arts, and other media to share their creative thinking and intelligence, to create synergetic solutions to problems? This seems a companion piece with others to today’s keynote. Sorry I can’t name a speaker for this.

Other comments

  • Excellent!

  • Excellent! Good way to start off the year!

  • Excellent! Thank you!

  • Good job!

  • You hit it (in-service) out of the park! More of the same!

  • I think (in-service) objectives were met as much as possible. I think Linda did a great job, especially being her first year.

  • I would like the video on emerging technologies to be available on the intranet. Please let me know how I could see it again or use for class presentation.

  • A surge of new thought – now what can we do to implement college – wide?

  • Underlying theme/debate: Will PCC or community colleges writ large survive until the year 2030? Can we as an organization assume that PCC will be around in 10, 20, 30 years? If yes, why? In no, why not? Do we need to change to survive? Perhaps you could ask presenters to argue each side of the debate as a way to think about community colleges role in our economy and society.

  • One of the best in-services I’ve attended in 28 years here – maybe the best overall. Although I’m FT faculty, I liked that PT faculty were also invited to hear the keynote and paid to attend the afternoon session with Chris Chairsell. I liked having Chris Chairsell’s session during in-service (not on SAC day) and her meeting with SDC chairs to keep us up-to-date with the college’s academic goals /projects for the year. This also makes me feel like part of a faculty – mgmt team moving in the same direction, which wasn’t as clear and emphasized during my early years at PCC. Faculty and mgmt were working in more separate ‘silos’ then , it seemed. Overall, the i –service showed that the college is operating well – working smart, strategically, etc. - systems thinking.

  • Limit speech length for federation people. Poor 30-year folks had to stand up there forever!

  • Booths were informative and diverse. Good job!

  • Would love to see a ‘creative campus’ at PCC so that all employees have a chance to step outside their box and interact with other staff and faculty in a new and innovative way.

  • This is the first in-service that I have attended as a new PCC Staff. I was very impressed – great job in organization.

  • Keynote speaker is a great idea – should be stimulating and exciting this is respectful to us as an institution for learning.

  • Super job Linda and all for organizing and planning a superb fall in-service. This was the best fall in-service in my 14 years at PCC!

  • I liked the balance between information dump and interesting speaker.

  • Overall, a good program.

  • Provide more opportunity to network.

  • The theme Access and Success wasn’t really woven into the event very well. DVD and music somewhat disconnected with each other.

  • Provide water.

  • You need to have a restroom break.

  • The gym lobby is too crowded for networking.

  • Guitar sound track overlapping the Forest Gump theme music was jarring and distracting.

  • Please be more specific on informational emails, handouts and web pages about the in-service schedule and details.

  •  I don’t learn from these meetings. A small departmental meeting would have been much more productive.

  • Why bring in an expensive speaker when we have a postsecondary program with tons of resources at PSU? Waste of money.

  • Why didn’t you have the schedule on the link form My PCC? – on faculty page there is "Featured Events" with the in-service listed – but the link goes no where! Why don’t you list what the 1-3 faculty in-service is going to cover?

  • Please no afternoon program! It’s nice to be able to go back to our campuses and have our faculty office open for students who still need to be placed or who need help finding an open section. It’s also a time to check books in the bookstore, hire last minute instructors and do our syllabi. – ESOL instructor

  • The speaker was interesting and relevant; however I missed hearing from a student as we have in the past. Those students have always touched my heart and been just as motivational and kept the focus on how we can help students.

  • Different publications had different start times for the welcome speech.

  •  I recommend people doing overhead captioning familiarize selves with staff names so that readers have benefit of knowing who has been announced. Occasionally the sound system fails due to background noise / appliance and we need that information. First and last names. And spell simple terms. Thank you.

  • Confusing whether certain meetings are for full/part-time or all, required or not …

  • DVD was statistical crap – it is embarrassing to see that in an educational environment

Comments on location

  • Gym looked great! Banner and lighting looked very professional. The best in 7 years of my in-services that I’ve been to. Keep up the good work.

  • This was a more festive ser up than in the past years. What a great way to begin the new academic year!

  • Room was a little chilly.

  • Too cold in gym.

  • Turn off the air.

  • The room is extremely cold – very hard to concentrate!

  • It was too cold!

  • Every year cold air from the fans is very uncomfortable. It’s hard to listen when you are freezing.

  • Put speakers on stage – couldn’t see Linda from my seat.

Comments on food

  • Chicken and steamed vegetables.

  • Order more vegetarian. I had to ask for a refund because it went so fast.

  • Fruit

  • Offer something more substantial than donuts and salad.

  • Great power bars – bring them back!

  • Very, very disappointed in the continental breakfast – no bear claws, crullers, crème-filled donuts and only one coffee dispensing area. Some might think the continental breakfast is insignificant but having sat through 22 less than inspiring speakers / presentations sugar (donuts) and coffee (caffeine) are essential.

  • No fast food!

  • Japanese or Thai cuisine would be nice.

  • Salad doesn’t cut it.

  • I really liked having boxed lunches – the lines went so fast.

  • Indian food – rice lentils etc. for vegetarians. But could you use packaging that is recyclable? Maybe from corn based products (like New Seasons markets does).

Comments received via email

  • Kudos

  • The Sir Ken..., Congratulations.
    Few people realize the amount of energy, internal negotiations, and time that is spent on this event. I do and I think you had a very successful event. Look forward to next year's.

  • I just want to tell you what a great inservice it was.  There is lots of buzz about the topic, always a good sign.  I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  Additionally it was well organized and I think most folks had some fun too.  Thanks for your hard work!

  • I just wanted to say that after attending 11 in-services, this was by far the best! Many thanks to who ever got him!

  • Thank you ~ He was great!!

  • I didn’t fill out a questionnaire; I was busy running a breakout session. But I want to add that I was very pleased with the keynote speaker—far better than past speakers. I also spoke with him privately afterwards. His views had a lot in common with the Sylvania speaker (Ken Robinson) (another excellent choice). I think their kind of substantive presentations are far more useful than the empty "pep talk" speakers we’ve hired in the past.
    Good work.

  • I did not fill out an evaluation but I did enjoy the speaker, Sir Ken.  Every year I try to return to fall term feeling excited and inspired.  Sitting for very long in the gym is uncomfortable so I appreciate a good speaker.  I am glad for all the work the folks below contributed.  With so many new people and new ways of doing business here at PCC, it can sometimes feel overwhelming for those of us who are left.  In-service helps us continue to feel like a team.

  • Great job! Most enjoyable out of my 10 years at PCC.
    Loved the speaker, fun & relevant!

  • I’ve only been with PCC for 4 years, but this year’s In-service was by the best I’ve attended, and it sets the bar (frighteningly) high for next year. Folks were "high" walking out of the gym, and that’s the first time I’ve seen that happen!

  • The message could not have been more important, and my only concern is exactly how that message will be translated into meaningful daily practice here on the ground. PCC isn’t fond of procedural changes, much less revolution(!), and I would hate for us to not to have resources and processes in place to meet this unprecedented challenge. That’s my message to those in charge!

  • Anyway, many thanks to all of you for a great day…a great couple of days…Sylvania’s In-service was also exceptionally well planned and received. Good job!!

  • I enjoyed the speaker and learned loads! You worked very hard and it shows, Great Job!

  • Great job! Now, take a couple days off.

  • Kudos to you for putting together a very interesting program. The speaker was by far the best I've heard in the 4 in services I've attended. He provided useful information in a thorough and engaging manner that was relevant to PCC and to my particular program (work force development) as well as to all our futures. He was not merely entertaining, he was helpful.

  • In the future, I'd love to have different workshops on the various programs PCC offers in different countries, not even as part of professional development, but just travel education programs to Japan, Italy, Morocco, Phillipines etc...

  • Thanks again!

  • The morning session was great – although years of Service recognition would be best moved to right before the speaker.  That way there’s at least some sort of movement break about half way through.  About an hour of sitting is all a person – especially a person of my advancing years – can take at a time.  I loved the speaker.  He had a lot of great things to say, and he said them in a very entertaining manner.  He was exactly what an in service keynote speaker should be.  I liked the "Did you know?" slide show.  Very thought provoking.

  • The afternoon session, however, was extremely painful.  I was not the only person suffering physical pain from the proceedings.  A woman next to me – a decade or two my junior – left for awhile with severe leg cramps.  Also, I don’t think I could tell you anything that was said other than the public safety talk – and that was mostly because of the annoying signal.  It was annoying, but it got my attention.  Why is it that in our classrooms, we have largely abandoned the 100% lecture format as being not conducive to learning, but we continue to think that it’s OK to use that format in the In Service

  • This was by far the best organized, informative and enjoyable inservice event I’ve attended in the 13 years I’ve been at PCC. The speaker was entertaining, informative and provocative (and I hope his message will get translated into the way we do business at PCC on every level)! There was a minimum of filler or lost time, which I really appreciate – we’re all busy and inservice should facilitate our work, not distract from it – from my perspective, the planners succeeded in doing just that.

  • I thought the transcription was a good innovation, but I’m wondering if the transcriber could have a list of names that are going to be mentioned in the talks. It was obviously difficult to keep up with Sir Ken, so I really can’t fault that part, but it would be nice to have people’s names spelled correctly, if there is a way to do that.

  • Thanks for all your efforts!

  • Great choice in speaker! Moved along well (your
    part...) and the lighting was super!

  • Nice job on the inservice!!! I really enjoyed the keynote speaker -- great information and a good time. Thanks to you all.

  • Sir Ken was great!  I could have listened to him for another hour. 

  • Great job today! From the outside - it looked seamless!

  • I want to thank you for your contributions to the success of today’s District Inservice. I’ve heard nothing but high praise from everyone who attended. LG

  • Today's speaker was fantastic ... the best one we've had in years ... brava!

  • I also liked the colored lights against the gym wall ... and the attempts to make that big ugly room an intimate and also aesthetically pleasing place to sit.

  • I thought the morning session with Ken was very good and energizing-just what a kickoff like that should be. best in my 4th year.

  • Nice job with things – it went very well today.