Extended Learning Campus In-service Workshops

Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Southeast Campus Great Hall
9:45am – 10:45am

Please select one workshop:

ELC Diversity – Tanya Batazhan, Dana Jean Maginn, Larry Holmberg, Nan Poppe
SE MTH 135

ELC Diversity Committee members will seek your input on the following questions:

  1. What should the ELC do to create a welcoming environment for our students?
  2. What should the ELC do to reach out to the diverse communities we serve to recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff and students?
  3. What would you like to see the ELC Diversity Committee accomplish this year?

If you do not plan to attend this session, the ELC Diversity Committee would still like your input.  Please send your responses to Craig Kolins, Dean of Instruction and Student Development, ckolins@pcc.edu prior to the ELC Campus In-Service on September 18th.

College Security & Safety – Bob Hazen
SE MTH 139
Our Public Safety Officer will give an update on the Public Safety Department and what steps are being taken to make the College and Southeast Campus a safer place for staff and students.
One Office at a Time:  How people everywhere are bringing their conservation ethic to work – Paul deBlock, City of Portland, Office of Sustainable Development
SE MTH 146
Come learn about the positive solutions that staff, students, faculty, and administrators find when they work together to prevent waste, cut greenhouse gasses, and save money.  You will walk away with resources and concrete ways you can make a difference at PCC, in your cubicle and beyond.
Courage to Confront – Carolyn Waterfall
SE MTH 137
Is something bothering you?  Find out why it’s important to speak up.  Explore how to make others aware of your thoughts and feelings in a constructive way.
Credit Student Perceptions about Academic Programs and Student Services at the SE Campus – Craig Kolins
SE MTH 143
Come hear what is most important to our credit students and how satisfied they are with our academic programs and student services at the SE Campus.  Craig will also share information about PCC’s Course Progress Notification system developed by a faculty sub-committee as part of the district-wide Title III grant.
Fitness Break:  On the Job Energy Boost – Kristin Jackson
SE MTH 102 (Dance Studio)
Discover how to get out of that work day energy slump and feel revived and refocused.  Learn desktop exercises to tone and stretch.  Please wear comfortable clothing.
Ceramic Studio Tour and Demonstration – Richard Brandt
SE MTH 134
Join us for a quick tour of the dynamic SE Campus ceramic studio and witness an easy to do plate project and learn the simple steps to throwing on the wheel.
Botanical Illustration Drawings – Karen Karlsson
SE MTH 133
Learn to draw a single leaf in pencil and techniques to use to show light that brings the leaf to life.  Then try to use color to the same leaf for a different dimension of the same.  Later, create a tulip using the same process.
Photography Session – Mike Riches
SE MTH 140
Come try your hand at photography and learn about the offerings for the fall term that you could take part in.
Professional Development Opportunities for International Travel – Jana Daugherty, Casey Carter
SE MTH 141
Featuring International Education: a Spanish immersion experience in Oaxaca Mexico!
Avoiding Burnout: Building Resilience – Gail Rutherford
SE MTH 142
Explore symptoms and stages of stress and burnout, and the relationship between the two.  Learn how to build personal resilience by the use of coping skills.
Innovation in the Workplace – Mark Van Heuvel
SE MTH 145
The presentation is an overview of developing an environment for innovation in the workplace.  Best practices in innovation and examples are highlighted for attendees.
Vista Overview – Tim Lyman
SE MTH 117
Explore the exciting new look and feel of the latest operating system that will be coming to your desktop soon!  Experience the new user interface and see how Vista will make your computer friendlier and your work easier!
Microsoft Office 2007 Overview - Todd Kunz
SE MTH 111
Office 2007 is here with a brand new look, and it's full of exciting new tools and easier ways to accomplish those boring old tasks. Check out the new features before you actually start using it, so you will be comfortable with the new interface.
Digital Scrapbooking - Larinda Peterson
SE MTH 118
It's time to clean out all those pictures and go digital! This is the newest technology for keeping your treasured photographs neat, labeled and saved for your family. It's so easy anyone can do it!
Math Mahem - Jeannette Isaacson
SE MTH 138
This workshop highlights some of the phobias regarding math that we take from our childhood experiences into adulthood. We will turn scary math situations into triumphs in your work and find the funny in numbers and story problems. Most of all, we will revel in the math strengths you already have ( yes, YOU!). Come and join us for total Math Mayhem.
Assistance and Special Accommodations:  If you need an interpreter or special accommodations, please call the Office for Students with Disabilities at 971-722-4341