Fall In-service 2007 Calendars

Please note:  

If you do not see the meeting information that you are looking for, it is because it has not yet been provided to us. This calendar will be updated periodically until the start of in-service week; however, if you need information immediately, we recommend that you check with your department for details.

Assistance and Special Accommodations:  If you need an interpreter or special accommodations, please call the Office for Students with Disabilities at 971-722-4341

Pre In-service Meetings & Events

Date Day Time Meeting/Event Location Contact
09/03/07 Monday 10am to 4pm Classified Federation Picnic Oaks Park Area 12 Michael Cannarella
09/06/07 Thursday 7:30am to 1pm President Pulliam’s All Mgrs. Retreat & BBQ Luncheon RC Events Ctr. Jill McNerney
09/10/07 Monday 8:30am to 4pm New Faculty Institute Day One RC 9 Event Center Becky Hughes
09/11/07 Tuesday 8:30am to 4:15pm New Faculty Institute Day Two (lunch 12 to 1pm - hosted by Federation) CA TEB 222 Becky Hughes
09/12/07 Wednesday


8:30am to 4pm New Faculty Institute Day Three SY CC, Cafeteria & Oak, Elm & Fir Rms. Becky Hughes
09/13/07 Thursday 9am to 1pm EAC Retreat  RC 9 Event Center Porter Raper
8am to 4pm CDC & EEFS Retreat TBA John Saito
11am - PCC Golf Challenge Heron Lakes Golf Course, 3500 N. Victory Blvd., Portland OR  97217 Rick Zurow
09/14/07 Friday 8:15 to 4:30pm Diversity Training for New Employees SY CC Conf Rms. A&B Chau Hoang
8am Cascade Faculty Back to School Day, Continental Breakfast CA West Dining Room Jeanne Lincoln

In-service Week 9/17 through 9/21/07

Change from past In-service schedules

You spoke and we listened. SAC committees want SAC days saved for department SAC work, so to provide time dedicated to faculty meeting time only, the Office of Academic & Student Affairs extends an invitation to all faculty to attend the Faculty Fall In-service Afternoon Meeting from 1-3pm in the SY Gym. Snacks provided.  Part-time faculty will receive half-day stipend.

Monday, 9/17/07

Time Meeting/Event Location Contact

8am to 1pm 

District & campus services open at 1pm.

District Fall In-service (Boxed Lunch included – Choice of Western Cobb Salad with Bacon & Chicken, Pan-Asian Salad (vegetarian), or Northwest Pear Gorgonzola Salad with Chicken. $4.00) SY Gym Linda Blanchette
11:30am to 1pm SAC Chair Luncheon with Chris Chairsell

SY Cafeteria, Oak, Fir & Elm Rms. – (Look for the separate lunch line for your complimentary lunch ticket)

Nellie Long
1pm to 3pm Faculty In-service Afternoon Meeting SY Gym Nellie Long
3pm to 4pm SAC Chairs & Deans Mtg. SY Gym Nellie Long
12 noon to 1pm Faculty Federation/Classified Federation Membership Meeting SY ST 107 Michael Dembrow
11:30am-1pm Dessert hosted by Sylvania Library!  After lunch or instead of lunch - drop by and meet your fabulous and friendly campus library staff.  Have some coffee & cake, explore the library, have your most burning library questions answered.  Everyone welcome!

SY Library


Tuesday, 9/18/07

Time Meeting/Event Location Contact


Campus services open at 1pm.

Individual Campus Fall In-service Events Campus Schedules Individual contacts for campus events.
1pm to 2pm CA Allied Health & Science Division Mtg. CA JH 104 Corinne Hiebert

1:30pm to 3:30pm

Cascade Liberal Arts and Mathematics (LAM) Div. Mtg. CA TH 122 Janet DiGrazia
4pm to 5pm
5pm to 9pm
CA PT Faculty pre in-service Technology Session w/Greg Kaminski CA TEB 221& 226 Jeanne Lincoln
CA PT Faculty In-service  CA TEB 222 Jeanne Lincoln
7:30am to 11am
Lunch 11am-12 noon
ELC In-service SEC Great Hall Glenda Nelson
11am to 1pm ELC District-wide Community Education Dept Mtg., SE MTH 137 Glenda Nelson
1pm to 4pm ELC PCC Prep Alternative Programs Div. In-service

SE MTH 143/144

Glenda Nelson
12 noon to 2pm HPE SAC Lunch Meeting SY HT 103  
1pm to 2pm Real Estate SAC SY SS Green Conf. Rm. Rusty Debord
2pm to 4pm Social Sciences, Business and Real Estate Division Meeting SY ST 107 Rusty Debord
1pm to 2pm RC Social Science & College Prep Division Mtg. RC 3 Rm102 (TLC) Sherry Dugan
1pm to 2pm RC Business & Humanities Div. Mtg. RC 2 Rm. 119 Sherry Dugan
1pm to 2pm RC Math, Manufacturing & Transportation Div. Mtg. RC 2 Rm.128, Town Hall Sherry Dugan
1pm to 2pm RC Science & Technology Div. Mtg. RC 7 Atrium (across from 202) Sherry Dugan
5pm to 9pm Rock Creek Campus Part-time Faculty In-service RC 9 Rm 122 Event Center Sherry Dugan
2pm to 4pm SY Science & Computer Technology Division Mtg. SY TCB Winter Garden John McKee
2pm to 3:30pm SY VAPAD Div. Mtg. SY CT 201 Doris Werkman
3:30pm to 4:30pm Performing Arts Department Mtg. SY CT 201 John Mery
1pm to 2pm CT Steering Committee Update SY Little Theater Linda Gerber

Wednesday, 9/19/07

Time Meeting/Event Location Contact
10am to 2pm Radiography SAC Mtg. SY HT 312 John Saito
10am to 12 noon Fit Tech SAC Mtg. SY HT 103 John Saito
12 noon to 2pm Rock Creek/HEC ESOL Fall Term Dept. Meeting Rock Creek, Bldg. 3, Room 225 Laura Horani
1pm to 4pm Dental Assisting, Hygiene, & Lab Tech SAC Mtg. SY HT 213 John Saito
1pm to 2pm CDC Staff Mtg. SY CT 126 John Saito
9am to 12 noon BA SAC CPWTC Rm. 301 Cheryl Scott
9am to 12 noon Psychology SAC SY TLC Brooke Gondara
11am to 1pm Sociology SAC SY CC 223 Rusty Debord
1pm to 2pm Anthropology SAC SY SS 215 Green Conf. Rm Rusty Debord
1pm to 4pm OSHA Safety Training for all Studio Art Faculty SY CT 212 Doris Werkman
2pm to 4pm Political Science SAC SY SSB Green Conference Rm. Rusty Debord
5pm to 9pm Sylvania Campus Part-time Faculty In-service SY TCB Winter Garden Wendy Thielen

Thursday, 9/20/07

Time Meeting/Event Location Contact
8am to 1pm
(breakfast 8-9am, lunch at 12:15pm)
Faculty Dept. Chair Institute Rock Creek campus Linda Blanchette
12 noon to 1:30pm HPEEFSPEFT Div. Mtg. SY HT Level 2 Mall Area John Saito
2pm to 4pm Math SAC meeting SY ST 206 Dennis Reynolds
8am to 4pm Nursing SAC Mtg. SY CC Oak Rm. John Saito
5:30pm to 9:30pm Community Education "Art of Teaching Adults" CA MAHB Cecelia Barry
5pm to 8:30pm ELC Part-time Faculty In-service Southeast Ctr., Mt. Tabor Hall Rms. 143 & 144 Glenda Nelson
5:30pm to 9:30pm ELC Community Education "Art of Teaching Adults" CA MAHB Glenda Nelson
12 noon to 1:45pm Engineering, Math & Industrial Technology Div. Mtg. SY Oak Rm. Jeff Triplett

Friday, 9/21/07

Time Meeting/Event Location Contact
8am to 12 noon (1pm to 3pm) All Library Staff In-service, followed by dept. mtgs. 1-3pm SY Library Rm. 112 Donna Reed
9am to 11:30am CAS/OS SAC Mtg. RC 9 Rm., 102 Cheryl Scott
10am to 12 noon English & World Languages SY CT 212 Dave Stout
11am to 1pm Philosophy SAC SY SSB Green Conf Room Rusty Debord
1pm to 3:30pm CA Science Safety Training CA JH 112 Corinne Hiebert
5pm to 8pm Faculty Federation Picnic Willamette Park Pavilion Michael Dembrow