Fall Inservice 2005

Welcome to the beginning of the 2005-06 academic year at PCC. I want to thank each of you for the support you have given the college and our students during my first year-and-one-half at PCC. I continue to feel honored and privileged to serve as your district president.

We should all be proud our many accomplishments over the past year. I want to acknowledge each of you for stepping up your efforts on PCC’s behalf during this time of transitions. During the past year we have seen the departure of two Board members each with 20 years tenure. We have seen the departure of a campus President and the naming of an interim. We have seen the retirement of the Academic and Student Services Vice President. We have seen the retirements of dozens of our valued faculty and staff colleagues. At the same time we have welcomed new staff, faculty and management who come to PCC with energy, ideas and fresh insight. PCC is clearly a strong and resilient organization. The theme of this year’s in-service is "Access and Success: New Realities." Ultimately student access and success is what we are all about. Each and every one of us must continue to give attention to enabling students to attend and succeed at PCC. My vision for the coming year includes:

  • Leading the college through a re-examination and renewal of our Mission. This will help reaffirm who we are.
  • Promoting a strong public image of PCC to the general public and to business and government.
  • Building on the sound Educational Master Plan and focusing its implementation to address the accreditation recommendations.
  • Developing alternative sources of funding for the college and for our students.
  • Implementing many of the recommendations of the internal and external diversity committees to truly impact the diversity of staff and faculty at PCC.
  • Continuing to promote a single strong college by challenging the existence of "silos" within PCC.
  • Expanding staff development and leadership training opportunities thereby investing in our faculty, staff and management.

As I begin my second year as your District President I see greatness ahead for PCC. Our greatness comes fundamentally from the daily service to our students and to our important contributions to the economic wellbeing of our community and state. As we enter this new academic year I ask you to continue your commitment to our students and to seek ways to contribute to PCC’s vision.

Dr. Preston Pulliams
District President, Portland Community College