Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

2014 PCC College Inservice: Go Boldy

College In-Service: Monday, September 15

9am to 12 noon
Sylvania HT
Linda Blanchette

Join colleagues and friends from around the district as we blast off into the new academic year with this employee event. Enjoy coffee and light breakfast fare as you cruise through the table displays of PCC departments and programs, before reporting to the "bridge" (HT gym) where you'll hear from honored speakers in the College In-Service Program and receive your room assignment for this year's interactive strategic planning conversation groups.

Complimentary T-shirts will be available at the staging area of the CC Cafeteria all day (from 7:30a.m. to 1:30p.m). We’ll see you at In-Service!

College In-Service Schedule

Time Event Location
7:30 – 8:45am Continental breakfast CC Cafeteria
*The main entrance to the CC Mall will be closed due to construction. Please use the west/balcony entrance to enter the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch.
7:30 – 8:45am Table displays Upper and Lower CC Mall
9 – 10:40am College In-Service: Part A SY HT Gym
10:40am – 12pm College In-Service: Part B – Campus conversations (The Strategic Plan: Charting a Course for the Future) SY HT Gym
12 – 1pm

Buffet lunch
Cost: $5.00 — Pay online or in person
(Subsidized/Sponsored by the Office of Academic and Student Affairs)

CC Cafeteria
1 – 1:30pm Dessert sponsored by the Sylvania library CC Cafeteria

*Lunch tickets are available online for pre-purchase. Please bring a copy of the receipt the day of the event.

Strategic Planning Conversation Groups

This year's In-Service program includes strategic planning discussion groups facilitated by campus leaders, a highly interactive component designed to give you the chance to give feedback on the latest version of PCC’s Strategic Plan.

On Monday, September 15 during the In-Service program in the HT Gym (9am), you will be assigned a building on the Sylvania campus where you will be asked to participate in a conversation group on a strategic planning theme of your choice. Please go to the building you are assigned. Assignments have been made to ensure there is an even distribution of participants across the campus.

In your assigned building, you will find classrooms dedicated to each of the six themes from the Strategic Plan. You may choose which theme you’d like to discuss, and will be given the opportunity to switch rooms and give your thoughts on a second theme midway through the session.

Your participation in these conversations is key as we continue our work to chart a course for our bright, bold future for the college. Please come prepared to contribute to the conversation on the latest version of the strategic plan.

The themes and locations of the dialogues are as follows:

  • Theme 1: Provide outstanding, affordable education.
    (SCB 101, SS 101 & 109, TCB 208, PAC)
  • Theme 2: Drive student success.
    (SCB 102, SS 102 & 111, TCB 211, PAC)
  • Theme 3: Ignite a culture of innovation.
    (SCB 103, SS 103 & 112, TCB 212, PAC)
  • Theme 4: Transform the community through opportunity.
    (SCB 104, SS 104 & 114, TCB 213, PAC)
  • Theme 5: Lead the region in diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    (SCB 105, SS 107 & 116, TCB 214, PAC)
  • Theme 6: Achieve sustainable excellence in all operations.
    (SCB 201, SS 108 & 120, TCB 215, PAC)

The strategic planning conversation groups at College In-Service 2014 represent the final stage in the collaborative process initiated at last year’s In-Service. We invite you to take part in this important work to PCC go boldly, fearlessly, proudly, and powerfully into our future. Thank you in advance for "beaming up" your good ideas.