Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Main office contact information

Beto Espindola, Director

971-722-7760, norberto.espindola@pcc.edu

I am a product of the national migrant education programs. I participated in Title I-C, High School Equivalency Program (HEP) and CAMP. I have dedicated the last 25 years to education and social service programs serving the Migrant Seasonal Farm Worker community partilcularly in direct services and program management at community agencies and higher education institutions. I currently manage Portland Community College's HEP at Rock Creek.

Scott Lowrey, Teacher

As a native of southern California, I have seen the growth of the Latino community in the United States throughout my life. My multi-cultural experience, including time living in Spain, has not only prepared me to work with HEP students but has given me the drive to do so. HEP gives me an opportunity to work with migrant farmworkers, helping them to integrate into American society and be successful in their new country. It is a privilege to work with such a dedicated team to deliver the best education possible to our students.

Salvador Ramos, Teacher