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Development Steps

Step 1) Get buy-in on grant idea from administrator

Department/Program has grant idea, notifies administrator. If interested, notifies Grants Office using the Grant Needs Summary.

Step 2) Send Grants Needs Assessment to appropriate officials

If Department/Campus specific, forward to appropriate Executive Officer and Faculty/Administrator.

If college-wide or potential for multiple campuses to pursue, bring to College President and Executive Staff for discussion and consideration.

Step 3) Meet with Grants Office

Lead staff meets with Grants Office to discuss grant idea and funding opportunities.

Step 4) Develop concept summary

Lead staff develop Grant Needs Summary and proposal development schedule in consultation with Grants Office and obtain approval of Supervisor and Executive Officer on concept summary.

Step 5) Send concept summary to Grants Office

Executive Officer emails concept summary to Executive Staff (cc: the Grants Development director and Jim Crofts) for review of partnership and coordination opportunities and liability, staffing, and financial implications. Comments and concerns shared via email.

Step 6) Obtain approval on concept summary

After concerns addressed, Executive Officer obtains Financial Services’ (Jim Langstraat) and College President’s approval of concept summary. Copy of signed concept summary sent to Grants Office.

Step 7) Write grant proposal and develop budget

The Grants Office work with Lead staff to develop the project, including the budget, and write the grant proposal.

Step 8) Get signatures on final draft

Grants Office completes cabinet review summary and submits near final draft of grant to Supervisor and Executive Officer for signature. Original signed form sent to Grants Office. Grants office sends copy of form to Financial Services and Facilities Management Services, as appropriate.

Grant Submitted!

Grants Office obtains College President’s signature on grant application and submits grant.

The Grants Development Director, is responsible for ensuring that the grants development process is complete and questions are answered. If questions are not answered during the process, the Grants Development Director will bring them to the attention of the appropriate Executive Officer.

Related Forms

Grant Needs Summary
The Grants Needs Assessment should be used for general requests for help in obtaining funding for a project. If you do not have a specific government funding source in mind, or are not sure whether you should pursue government, foundation, corporate, or individual donor support, fill out this form.
Grant Needs Summary
The Concept summary is the document you will use to frame the project for yourself, the Grants Office, and for PCC's Executive Staff. The Concept summary is required for all government grants and some grants to private foundations. The Concept summary previews all aspects of your grant proposal including the need for the project, the project's goals, objectives, and budget, and the project's benefits to PCC. The Concept summary must be signed by the Grants Manager, your supervisor and Executive Officer, the Associate Vice President of Financial Services, and the President. By signing the Concept Summary, PCC's Executive Staff approves the development of the proposal.
Cabinet Review Summary
Prior to submitting a proposal, the Cabinet Review Summary must be completed and submitted with a near final draft of the grant to the Dean and Executive Officer overseeing the project. By signing the Cabinet Review Summary, the PCC Executive Officer approves submission of the proposal.
Grant Development Flow Chart
The Flow Chart graphically shows the grant development process outlined on this page from start to finish and is an excellent reference for navigating the entire process to develop and submit a grant.