Student Speaker Application

Student Speaker Applicants


Thank you for your interest in being this year's Student Speaker!

One graduating student will be chosen to deliver a brief inspirational speech at the Commencement Ceremony. Students interested in competing for this honor must submit their application by Friday, April 12th, 2013. Send application to If you are sending a DVD, ask a PCC employee to use Intercampus mail to DC/4 Attention: Student Speaker Application. The chosen student will receive a free cap & gown and a parking pass for the ceremony.


  • The applicant must have received notification of completed degree/certificate requirements in fall 2012 or winter 2013 or received notification that requirements will be met at the end of spring 2013 or summer 2013.  
  • The applicant must have public speaking ability and should be able to use clear, expressive language and be able to hold the audience’s interest.

Applications must include:

  • A draft speech, no longer than five spoken minutes in length
  • A video of you giving your speech. DVD, MPEG, AVI, or WMV formats are acceptable
  •  On a separate document:
    • First and Last Name
    • Current mailing address
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Name of PCC employee who will be writing your reference letter
  • A reference letter. The letter can be included as part of your application or can be sent directly from the PCC employee.

Applications that are incomplete will not be considered.

The Commencement Speech

When creating the speech it is important to reflect somewhat on what it’s like to be a PCC student. But the speech is not only about retrospection and the experiences students had while at PCC. The speech should also look forward and provide some sense of the future, some sense of inspiration. Finally, commencement is a day for celebration. So it is important to infuse the speech with that sense of accomplishment and pride.

The criteria given below are a suggestion. Student commencement speeches do not have to follow these suggested guidelines, but most will.

Theme and Content

Effective Speeches

  • Are rich in content and have a strong theme
  • Speak to what graduates want to hear on their big day.
  • Inspire us: demonstrate passion, conviction, perseverance, sincerity
  • Are inclusive: the speech needs to include everyone at PCC – its viewpoint should not reflect that of only a single department


The final Commencement speech must be delivered in 5-7 minutes.


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