Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon


beautifully maintained grounds
  • Maintenance of lawn and plants
  • Ornamental beds
  • Clean up of parking lots, roads and streets
  • Response to adverse weather
  • Campus site and new landscape development
  • Instructional support and assistance
  • Providing wood to the Ceramics Department
  • Moving equipment
  • Providing outdoor maintenance to the childcare areas

Performance Highlights

  • Mowed and Maintained more than two Million square feet of turf
  • Maintained a quarter million square feet of ornamental beds
  • Maintained 32 parking lots with over 5,000 parking spaces
  • Spent approximately 2,000 hours picking up outside trash, including cigarette butts
  • Each Grounds keeper maintained, on average, 1.9 million square feet of land, including the undeveloped portions
  • Maintained over 70 pieces of equipment, including some custodial power equipment
  • 400 zones of irrigation and 10 miles of under ground pipe
  • All for $52,000 - our annual budget


  • The Service Request Center is open Monday-Friday, 7:30am to 6:30pm and Saturday 8am to 12 noon.
  • After hours please call Public Safety with emergencies only at 971-722-4902.
  • For after hours (non-emergencies) submit a work request or call ex. 4800 and leave a voice mail message detailing your request, complete with campus location, first and last name and a phone number where you can be reached. A technician will respond to your request as soon as possible.

The PCC Irrigation Department consists of 2 full time Irrigation Techs. The District is divided into 2 areas one East of the Willamette River and one West of the river covering approximately 300 square miles. The District currently has over 450 zones of irrigation with over 9000 sprinkler heads and 15 miles of underground pipe. In addition, there are 39 back-flow prevention devices all of which require annual maintenance and testing.

PCC has a computerized Irrigation system called Maxi-com. Maxi-com enables the programming, monitoring, and operation of irrigation systems from a central location here at Sylvania campus. Maxi-com helps ensure the landscape receives the right amount of water by using a weather station to precisely calculate the amount of water required based on climatic conditions and site rain cans for each site.

Employee Title Location
Jack Lussier Interim Manager District Wide
Jim Barry Grounds keeper II Sylvania
John Beaumont Grounds Foreperson District wide
Jeremy Cantrell Grounds keeper II Rock Creek
Sharon DeWitt Grounds keeper II Cascade/Southeast
Ry Duch Grounds keeper I Sylvania
Russell Lampton Grounds keeper III Sylvania
Charlie Larrabee Grounds keeper III Cascade
Anne LeSenne Grounds keeper III Rock Creek
Jack Lussier Irrigation Tech District wide
Luke McKInnon Grounds keeper II Sylvania
Bill Rude Grounds keeper II Southeast
Jay Thornton Grounds keeper II Rock Creek
Rich Weber Irrigation Tech District wide
Bill Welty FOMS III Mechanic District Wide