Frequently Asked Questions

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Special Event Set Up:
FMS requires a minimum of five days notice for a small event, ten days for a large event, a diagram of the layout, beginning date/time and ending date/time. FMS provides additional tables, chairs, custodial or maintenance services as necessary.
Spills, Trash Removal or Cleaning:
Spills, excess trash, or a clean up, can be called into the Service Request Center at ext 4800. A custodian will be dispatched.
Classroom Rearranging:
Classroom rearranging must be done by the instructor and/or the students. Please put the room back to the original configuration when the class is over.
Computer Moves:
FMS will move computers if the Technology Support Services staff have unplugged them in advance.
Copy Paper Deliveries (for Sylvania only)
Please contact Print Center for paper deliveries.
Elevator Access:
The SRC no longer has CC loading dock elevator keys to check out, but you can call the SRC to request elevator assistance. The Public Safety Department also has an elevator key.
Equipment Surplus Transfer:
Please contact Ken Nelson at Central Distribution Services, ext. 7250, if you have equipment/furniture that you no longer need. You may submit an Equipment Surplus Transfer Form. Surplus items are to be picked up where they are housed, rather than piled outside the buildings or stairwells.
Fire Extinguishers:
Fire extinguishers should always be charged and ready for use. Please let us know if one has been discharged.
Furniture Assembly:
FMS no longer assembles furniture. FMS will provide vendor information for your department to contact regarding furniture assembly.
Furniture Repair:
FMS cannot modify/repair existing furniture, as we must avoid the risk of responsibility if the requesting party should become injured after the repair has been made.
Instructional Messages:
FMS does not post notes on classrooms regarding instructional issues.
Key Requests:
If you would like to request a building, classroom, or office key, you will need to fill out a Key Request Form. Request for keys other than for desks or files must be approved by your supervisor before the request can be honored.
Lighting Modifications:
Documentation of a disability is needed before lights can be removed from fixtures, or other modifications can be made to the standard office lighting.
Loading and Unloading Vehicles:
FMS is not able to respond to requests for help with the loading and unloading of vehicles. We simply do not have the available personnel. You may use the CC loading dock if necessary.
Lock Outs:
Please call Public Safety to have classroom and office doors unlocked.
Moving Services:
FMS requires requests for moving services within an office of three pieces of furniture or less (cabinets must be emptied) to be scheduled at least one week in advance. If you have more than three pieces of furniture to be moved, FMS will provide vendor information for your department to contact regarding moving.
OSD Furniture Accommodations:
Please contact the Office for Students with Disabilities to request furniture for OSD accommodations. They will inform us to place the furniture.
Picture Hanging:
Requests for picture hanging will be billed to the requesters department- a fund site will be needed. Costs start at about $58.00. Exceptions are public spaces and hallways.
FMS staff are unable to fulfill requests for the delivery of tools. All FMS equipment must be operated by an FMS employee due to liability concerns for the college.
Truck Deliveries (forklift operations)
All deliveries are to be scheduled through Central Distribution Services (Ken Nelson).
Department and Personal Equipment Repair:
Departmental and personal equipment includes everything that is not provided by the infrastructure of the college facilities. FMS does not repair or maintain such items. This includes equipment specific to the operations or program requirements of a specific area, and to all personal or convenience appliances and devices. It is the responsibility of the department who purchased the equipment to arrange for maintenance. FMS can assist in identifying qualified vendors to perform repair and maintenance if you require such help. Vendors hired to make repairs, provide required maintenance, or to do actual installations must comply with all codes and regulations and obtain all necessary permits and approvals. FMS does not encourage the use of personal appliances in the work area since they increase the cost of operation for the college, a public supported entity.
What is Integrated Pest Management?
Integrated Pest Management, also known as IPM, is a process for achieving longterm, environmentally sound pest suppression through a wide variety of tactics. Control strategies in an IPM program include structural and procedural improvements to reduce the food, water, shelter, and access used by pests. Since IPM focuses on remediation of the fundamental reasons why pests are here, pesticides are only used when necessary.
See PCC’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan.