Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon


The Custodial Division
is responsible for cleaning interior/exterior surfaces, restrooms, floors, efficient consumption of utilities, trash removal, response to spills and other emergencies, operation of the swimming pool, snow and ice removal, maintaining outside drains and scheduled forklift operations.
The Maintenance Division
is responsible for the general upkeep of all building facilities in the college district and operation of all systems which support a healthy and safe environment. Maintaining all utility services, responding to building code changes, managing remodels and small building projects and assisting with the planning and budget process for the associated work. Maintenance can also provide advice to other departments concerning equipment and improvements which will meet their operational requirements. This obligation is met with a qualified staff of Facilities Operations Maintenance Specialists (FOMS) who provide hands on care, or supervise outside contractors.
The Grounds Division
is responsible for the general upkeep of all exterior spaces within the college district. This includes outdoor safety, parking lot, landscaping and building adjacency issues. Grounds provides year round landscaping services and is on site during college emergency closures to clear snow or debris.


Director Facilities Management Services: Tony Ichsan
District Custodial Operations Manager: Dale Hanson
District EH&S Manager: Vacant (Tony Ichsan)
District Grounds Manager: Jack Lussier
District Facilities Operations Manager: Vacant (Tony Ichsan)
District Sustainability Manager: Briar Schoon
Energy Resource Manager: Laura Ward
Facilities Support Services Manager: John MacLean
PDC Manager/College Architect: Vacant (Tony Ichsan)
Project Manager: Donna Bezio
Facilities Maintenance Manager Zone 1 (CLIMB, Newberg, SY) Joe Gamble
Facilities Maintenance Manager Zone 2 (CA, PMWTC, SE, STC) Burke Thornburg
Facilities Maintenance Manager Zone 3 (RC, WCC) Mitch Kilgore
Cascade and STC Custodial Manager: Mark Parkvold
Rock Creek and Willow Creek Custodial Manager: Karen Maxwell
Southeast, CLIMB, and PMWTC Custodial Manager: Frank Harris
Sylvania and Newberg Custodial Manager: Oscar Aguila