Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

At PCC you have the option to take classes on campus, in-class, via distance learning or in the community. These options allow you the flexibility to choose classes that fit your life, adapt to your scheduling needs, and accommodate your learning preferences. The following gives a little information about the different instructional methods you can choose from at PCC.


Some PCC science and professional-technical classes require students take a combined lecture and lab course. Lectures often provide the information and theory relevant to the discipline, while the lab sections give students an opportunity to apply the information in a hands-on setting, possibly through scientific investigations and experiments. Lecture/lab courses are designated in the PCC Online Schedule and will require you register for both.

Service Learning

Service Learning connects course learning objectives and reflection exercises with community service, giving you the opportunity to volunteer with community agencies, learn about social issues, and make a difference in the community. You can find Service Learning classes listed in the PCC Online Schedule under "Service Learning" or within the PCC Service Learning website.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education allows you to explore careers related to your education, gain hands-on experience applying the skills you learned in-class, and to learn directly from experienced professionals. Visit the PCC Cooperative Education website for more information and to explore the opportunities.


WEB classes are practical if you have Internet access and are comfortable completing coursework independently on a computer. With WEB classes, there is no class meeting schedule. Students interact with the instructor and class via email and other online forums. Lessons, quizzes and assignments use online tools such as D2L. You should visit the Distance Learning Web Classes website to read more and to take the Orientation to PCC Web Courses.


Telecourses, or TV classes, combine video lessons, with study guides, textbook readings, written assignments and traditional on-campus testing. Contact with the instructor during the course may include telephone calls, mail, personal conferences, and an on-campus orientation. Telecourse lessons use several different viewing options including, online video streaming, cable television, video rentals, DVD purchase, and checkout through the PCC Libraries. For more information, check out the Distance learning options website.

Teleweb Courses

TeleWeb courses, or TVWEB, are a combination of Telecourse and a Web course. TeleWeb lessons are delivered in video format just like a Telecourse, in addition to lessons, communication, quizzes, and other course content on the Web. Read more about both the Web and Telecourse options to better understand what is involved in the TVWEB courses.

Classroom + Web

Classroom + Web, or CLWEB (as they are designated in the course schedule), are delivered in a variety of formats that combine classroom-based instruction with online instruction, therefore reducing the time spent in the classroom. Participation in classroom and online sessions is required, but the actual number of classroom sessions varies by class. For details about a specific CLWEB class follow the online link to the Course Details page which is linked from the class listing in the PCC Online Schedule.