What's Next?

You've finished PCC's orientation and registered for classes, so now what? There are still a few things you need to do and know to make sure you are ready to start the term!

First things first...

Have you been in to see an International Student Advisor?

PCC's international academic advisors can...

  • help you decide what to take this term.
  • help you do long-term academic planning.
  • provide information about important immigration regulations.
  • provide information about PCC's degree programs.
  • figure out if credits can be transferred from other colleges.
  • provide you with information about transferring to a university.

The Office of International Education (OIE) is one of the main resources for international students. We are committed to providing services that will assist you in achieving your academic and personal goals. We have extensive experience working with students from culturally diverse backgrounds and we are trained in F-1 immigration regulations. Please stop by our office if you have any questions.

PCC has four International Student Advisors:

Tracey Garman: Cascade Campus, Building SSB, Room 214

Marie Mahon: Sylvania Campus, Building CT, Room 103

Magdalena Tolva: Sylvania Campus, Building CT, Room 103

Deanna Pulliams: Sylvania Campus, Building CT, Room 103

Roxanne Pilkington: Rock Creek Campus, Building 3, Room 223

College Lingo

A course or set of conditions (such as a placement test score) you must complete or meet before enrolling in a higher level class.

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