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The 8th week of the term has two very important deadlines for international students. Make sure you are aware of these deadlines and talk with an international student advisor if you have any concerns or questions.

Deadline for Pass/No Pass Grading Option

If you want to switch your grading option from a letter grade (A, B, C, D, or F) to a Pass or No Pass option you must do so in person or electronically by the end of the 8th week of class or before your instructor enters the grade, for courses that are shorter than 10 weeks. See the Grading Policy for more details.

Deadline to Drop a Course & Receive a "W" on Your Transcript

For classes that are 10 weeks or longer, the Friday of week 8 is the last time you can withdraw from a class with a grade of "W". For shorter classes, the deadlines are sooner. If you are thinking of dropping a course, you must do so by the end of the 8th week of classes. After the 8th week, you cannot drop a class and you will receive a grade. Remember, to meet the requirements for your F-1 visa, you must be registered for 12 credits. You need to obtain prior approval from an international student advisor before dropping below 12 credits. If withdrawing from a course results in less than 12 credits, it may be better to stay in the course and get an F or NP grade in order to maintain your immigration status.

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