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Have you completed credit courses at another college or university? Even if it was a long time ago or through a program outside of the United States, those credits may apply to your degree at PCC, and that can save you some time and money!

For current credit PCC students we will evaluate coursework for all Lower Division Collegiate (LDC) classes from regionally accredited US institutions where grades of A, B, C, or P/S (Pass/Satisfactory) were earned. Please note that P/S grades are only transferable if the transferring institution awarded that grade for coursework equivalent to a grade of C or higher. If D-level coursework was considered P/S, it is not transferable. Transfer GPA is not included in the overall GPA on PCC transcripts.

Students will receive an email in their MyPCC inbox when their transcripts have been evaluated, including instructions for viewing transfer coursework on their unofficial PCC transcript.

To request evaluation of your transfer credits, complete and submit a Transfer Evaluation Request form. You must be a current credit PCC student to request a transfer credit evaluation. Submit this form only after you have requested official transcripts from all transferring institutions; your evaluation cannot be completed until we have received all of your transcripts. Evaluations are completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Turnaround time is dependent upon the volume of requests and other factors, such as end of term graduation requests.

International Transcripts

To receive Portland Community College credit for courses taken in a foreign country, you need to have the transcripts and full course descriptions translated into English and evaluated. Students with transcripts from international schools should check the Evaluation of Foreign Transcripts website or go to Ask the Panther about international transfer credit.

See the Transfer Credit page for additional information and Frequently Asked Questions