Accessible Wayfinding

Navigating PCC Locations

Check out the new Accessible building feature maps which provide navigation by campus, building, and floor. Accessibility features such as automatic door openers, elevators, are displayed and described for all campuses and centers. These maps are screenreader friendly and keyboard navigable. Tactile versions are available upon request. Please use the feedback form on the bottom of the map to let us know if you have suggestions for improvement.

PCC Accessible Map

Wayfinding App

Portland Community College has engaged with Click and Go Maps to provide detailed walking directions and low vision maps between a variety of landmarks along both outdoor and indoor routes for portions of the Sylvania Campus. These maps and directions are available via website with screendreader, text and MP3 download, or via any telephone using interactive voice response technology.

Additional Resources

There are also general maps of the PCC Campuses as well as online information related to emergency preparedness, and responding to emergencies.

Individuals who need an alternate format will be provided with customized wayfinding information.

Email if you need tactile or audio descriptions for wayfinding at any of our locations.