Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Navigating PCC Locations

Check out the new Accessible building features maps which provide navigation by campus, building, and floor. Accessibility features such as automatic door openers, elevators, are displayed and described. Sylvania was the first campus to be catalogued but more locations will be coming online in the coming months. Please use the feedback form on the bottom of the map to let us know if you have suggestions for improvement.

PCC Accessible Map

Plans Moving Forward

This project is the result of collaboration between Web Team, Disability Services, and Facilities. A student from the Architecture and Drafting program was hired as an intern and is now completing the accessible feature maps for all remaining PCC locations.

Additional projects are also underway to add path of travel information and use IVEO to create tactile maps that work in conjunction with touchpads to provide auditory descriptions.

Additional Resources

There are general maps of the PCC Campuses as well as online information related to emergency preparedness, and responding to emergencies. We are in early stages of developing an optional emergency response roster and will post additional details soon.

Individuals who need an alternate format will be provided with customized wayfinding information. Email disability.services@pcc.edu if you need tactile or audio descriptions.