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There are a wide range of resources available.

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Learning Disability Evaluations in the Portland Area

Map of locations offering learning disability evaluations with links and other detailsObtaining documentation of a learning disability is an important process for students who need to be able to request adjustments to the learning or work environment. These formal assessments are often expensive.

[Handout with Questions for Students to ask of Providers]

Learning about options can help individuals to plan. Please discuss any concerns you have about documenting a learning disability with DS. We may have ideas or resources to help.

[Map of Portland area LD evaluations sites with links to their websites]

[Document listing same LD information that is displayed on the map]

Technology Workshops

Each term there are free workshops that are available to anyone at PCC who is interested. No need to be a student working with our office. The general student population as well as staff and faculty are encouraged to participate.

[See the events page for details]

Technology Peer Mentors

Learning how to use computers effectively is not always easy. Students who need a mentor to help them practice with tools and techniques should talk with their Disability Services counselor. We have Accessibility Aides who can help with individual or small group technology support in several key areas. Contact Disability Services to learn more.

Transition to Employment

Disability Services can help serve as a liaison between students and their academic programs when there are questions about accommodation in internships or certification exams. We also program a variety of opportunities for students to engage during National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Courses of Interest

PE 182N - Adapted Physical Education course description See photos and descriptions of the equipment available for Adapted Physical Education.

Cooperative Education or Internships in programs of study can be discussed. There are many options that could work well. The application of skills in accessible content creation is often a key component.

Online community for college students with disabilities - DREAM

Disability Rights, Education Activism, and Mentoring is promoting a national disabilities agenda for post-secondary students and their allies.

Disability and Population Specific Resources

Related Websites

Some of these resources are local and others are national or international.