Peer Notetakers play a Valuable Role at Portland Community College

Students who step forward to share notes with classmates through the Disability Services recruitment process are eligible to receive a Thank You gift at the end of the term. Gift Certificates in the amount of $25 per credit (prorated for partial terms) are available and can be used at the bookstore or to help offset tuition charges.

Here's how the process works

  1. Peer notetakers should go to our online sign up page
  2. Disability Services will confirm the match.  The volunteer and DS student will receive confirmation emails.
  3. The peer notetaker should then take notes as s/he always would, and share them through the agreed upon means throughout the term.

Printable Flyers for a Quick Overview

Online video tutorials for step by step Instructions

Disability Services can provide carbonless paper or access to a photocopier as needed

If notes are taken by hand, we recommend using one of the library scanning stations. These are free and easy to use machines that can create a PDF version of notes so they can be uploaded into our system then downloaded by students with need.

If notes are being handed off in person, rather than using the upload/download options, NCR ("no carbon required") notepaper can be provided in packs of twenty sheets. Students may get packets from the following locations:

Cascade Campus:
Packs may be obtained from the Disability Services Office Assistant (SSB 110).
Rock Creek Campus:
Packs may be obtained from the Disability Services Office Assistant (9/118).
Southeast Campus:
Packs may be obtained from the Disability Services Office Assistant (SCOM 112).
Sylvania Campus: 
Packs are available from the Disability Services Office Assistant (CC 210).

If a photocopy machine is needed, contact the DS District Coordinator for details. Students may only copy lecture notes (no books, class assignments, or personal work), they must be present when copies are made, and they must document each time copies are made.



Disability Services
  • Verifying student eligibility for notetaking as an academic accommodation
  • Supplying upload and download option for notes to be shared, as well alternative options such as carbonless paper, access to a photocopier, and access to tools like LiveScribe or AlphaSmarts, etc
  • Providing a thank you gift or other incentive as needed to ensure participation
  • Working to troubleshoot any logistical challenges along the way
Students who are eligible to receive notes
  • Initiating the process by notifying faculty and/or recruiting their own notetaker
  • Communicating with Disability Services if there are complications or challenges
Students who are serving as peer notetakers
    • Responding to the recruitment process
    • Providing contact information and signing up online
    • Taking and sharing notes throughout the term
  • Communicating the announcement at least once per class session (or at start and close) until a notetaker is found
  • Providing the student with any instructor generated lecture notes that are available during the window in which a volunteer is being recruited
  • Communicating with Disability Services as needed to ensure good outcomes