Test Accommodation Services

Accommodated Exams are Proctored through PCC Testing Centers

PCC Testing Centers offer Accommodated Test proctoring services.  The service is by appointment only.  Space is limited so appointments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. This one page handout describes the process of scheduling exams.

Accommodations are determined by Disability Services on an individualized basis, and students are strongly encouraged to meet with their instructors to discuss the ways in which tests and quizzes are administered in the specific courses they are taking.

Adjustments for accommodated test proctoring could include examples such as:

  • options to hear the questions out loud (via readers or text to speech software)
  • options to speak rather than write responses (via scribes or speech to text software)
  • extended time (“unlimited time” is not available)
  • a reduced-distraction site (noise cancelling headphones and white noise machines are also available)
  • access to technology (such as a word processor, braille display, CCTV etc)
  • ergonomic furniture such as a chair with lumbar support or a raised workspace

All adjustments are made based on an understanding of functional limitations. Adjustments will never lower standards or fundamentally alter the program of study. Questions? Please contact Disability Services.