Media Captioning

Contact Haris Gunadi if you have questions.

Fanciful image of film strips flowing through laptop computer

Disability Services will send notifications to instructors when students need captions.

Disability Services ensures that any student who needs captions on videos has equal access in a timely manner. To do this, we:

  • Encourage the proactive captioning of high demand media.
  • Use the accommodation process to produce or obtain accessible versions of the media that is uncaptioned.
  • Work collaboratively and innovatively to identify elegant solutions to complex problems.

DS staff members work with instructors to ensure that all videotapes and DVDs shown in classes are captioned or subtitled for full accessibility.

We also work with students to caption special course materials (such as CDs included with course textbooks).

How To Use This Service

Disability Services has an online accommodation management system that provides notification to instructors and tracks work orders. Instructors are encouraged to respond to email notifications and begin working with DS at the beginning of the term so that course presentations are not delayed because of inaccessible materials.