Interpreting and Transcribing Services

Sharon Allen, Coordinator of Interpreting and Transcribing Service | 971-722-4345 | TTY: 503-246-4072 | VP: 503-246-4072

Communication accommodations such as sign language interpreting, TypeWell transcribing, and CART (Communication Access Real-Time) are available to assist students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and may be available for students who experience other documented auditory processing disabilities.


Hands fingerspelling the start of the alphabet in ASL

Requests for communication access should be submitted with advance notice.

How To Obtain This Accommodation

Students must make a request each term to request and arrange accommodations.

Student Responsibilities

When requesting Interpreting and Transcribing Services (ITS), it is the student’s responsibility to:

  1. Meet request deadlines.
    Note that requests are prioritized by order of date received.
    1. Class Requests: Minimum of two weeks in advance of the first day of class.  The DS counselor submits the request to the ITS Coordinator.
    2. Other Requests: Minimum of three school days prior to event.  The student may submit this request directly to the ITS Coordinator.
  2. Notify DS of schedule changes. 
    Note that requests are prioritized by the date the change is received by the ITS Coordinator.
    1. Provide an Approved Academic Accommodations (AAA) form to the instructor and discuss specific classroom or testing accommodations (typically during the first week of the term).
  3. Be on time.
    The service provider will wait fifteen minutes for the student to arrive.  After that time, the provider will leave and the absence is considered a “no show.”
  4. Cancel services at least 24 hours in advance when absent.
    If the student is absent without advanced notice of 24 hours, it will be considered a “no show” for that class.
    1. First No Show: Warning
      A warning notice is sent to the student via MyPCC email.
    2. Second No Show (same class): Temporary Suspension of ITS
      A suspension notice is sent to the student and DS Counselor via MyPCC email.  Service providers are reassigned to meet other student requests.
  5. If ITS services are suspended, meet with a DS counselor.
    The student must meet with a DS counselor to request services be reinstated for the class.  If services are reinstated, any additional no shows in the class will immediately result in temporary re-suspension of services.  The student must meet with a DS counselor again.  If services are not reinstated, the student may appeal to the DS Director or to the Office of Affirmative Action.
  6. Communicate concerns.
    If students have concerns or questions about services or service providers, they must contact the ITS Coordinator as soon as possible to address.
  7. Maintain transcripts for personal academic use only.
    The transcripts from CART and TypeWell are for personal academic use only and may not be shared or duplicated.

Other Information

  1. When ITS service providers are limited, a priority system will be used to meet student requests.  Service providers will be assigned using the following prioritization criteria: the date the request was received, availability of service providers, student needs, and student preferences (when requested).
  2. DS sends a notification email to the instructor when ITS services are assigned to his/her class. 
  3. CART and TypeWell transcripts will be provided by the service provider to the student in an acceptable format agreed upon by both parties.