Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Important Information for 2014 Test

The Cascade GED Testing Center is now open for computerized testing.  The Willow Creek Testing Center is still in transition. Check their website for the schedule and details: http://www.pcc.edu/resources/testing/ged/

PCC offers computer-based GED examinations at the Cascade Campus and Willow Creek GED Testing Centers.

All students may access the adjustable font size (up to 20 point), adjustable color/contrast options (10 settings), or an ergonomic keyboard/mouse without needing to make a formal accommodation request.

Students who have documented disabilities must follow the formal request process outlined below for the following accommodations:

  • Extended time
  • A distraction-reduced site
  • A raised workspace
  • A reader (no audio or Braille versions are available)
  • A writer to type responses
  • A sign language interpreter for directions

Initial Requests:

Here are the steps to receive GED accommodations:

  • Create a GEDTS Account.  Visit GED.com or call 877.392.6433 (tutorial video available).
  • Receive an email confirmation that your account has been created.  It will give instructions on how to create a USERNAME and PASSWORD.  It will have an active link to reach the registration screen.
  • Complete the registration form.  Answer the questions (tutorial video is available at http://www.gedtestingservice.com/testers/test-on-computer-tutorials).  The last one will ask if you wish accommodations:
  • Select NO if you need adjustable font size (up to 20 point), adjustable color/contrast options (10 settings), or an ergonomic keyboard/mouse.  You may use these features without going through the formal accommodation request process.
  • Select YES if you need extended time (25%, 50%, or 100%), breaks, a calculator for Part 2, a talking calculator, a separate room, a reader, or a scribe.  Your registration is suspended and you are notified to wait for an email from GEDTS.    
  • Receive an email from GEDTS.  It provides instructions on how to request accommodations and has a link to the five Accommodation Request form options and Diagnostician Guidelines.
  • Complete the Accommodation Request form.  Work with your diagnostic professional and include all documentation required (video available).
  • Submit the Accommodation Request packet to Wendy Palmer.   Aim to submit your request no less than 60 days prior to your desired test date so that you can make corrections if necessary.  Send via fax (971.722.4882) or USPS (Sylvania ST 229, P.O. Box 19000, Portland, OR 97280-0990).  If the packet is complete, she will send it to GEDTS.
  • Receive an email notification from GEDTS.  It may take 30 days or longer.  The message provides instructions on how to schedule appointments.  Accommodations are approved for one year of the decision date.  Extensions may be filed with current documentation.  You may appeal the decision only if you have additional documentation.

Making an Appointment:

Here are the steps for making an appointment:

  • Call the Accommodations Scheduling Office at 800.466.0450 (you cannot schedule an accommodated exam online and accommodations cannot be applied to a test that’s already scheduled).  A request for a separate room, reader, or scribe can be arranged with a 10 business day notice.
  • Pay for your appointment via the on-line system.

Canceling an Appointment:

If you must cancel an appointment, do it by the deadline.  You will lose your payment if you do not cancel your appointment by 48 hours and if you are 15 minutes late to your appointment start time.