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Read&Write for Google Chrome

Read and Write Toolbar

Read&Write for Google Chrome is a tool that has many helpful features for college students and employees. It can be used to read documents out loud, highlight and extract vocabulary lists, notes, or text, write using word prediction or voice typing, and more. This extension is now available to all PCC Google users, and can be used on any computer with the Chrome browser. Come learn how to activate and use it.

For help with initial access to Read&Write for Google Chrome

  • Contact the Help Desk at help.desk@pcc.edu or call 971-722-4400.

For training in the use of Read&Write or other access technologies

  • Contact the Access Tech team at access-tech-group@pcc.edu or call 971-722-TECH (971-722-8324).
  • Check the calendar for drop-in training opportunities - open to everyone!


PCC strives to AT Station Logoensure all students have equal access to computing opportunities. Some options are open to everyone at PCC, other options are available to currently enrolled students who are working with Disability Services and have demonstrated a need for more specialized approaches.

See this page from Distance Learning with tips and resources for using Assistive Technology with websites, including D2L, Google Apps and more.

General Stations

These stations are distributed across our campuses and extended learning sites and are available for anyone to use. All are equipped with Read and Write Gold, JAWS, and ZoomText as part of the standard build.

Read and Write Gold can be downloaded from the Help Tab in MyPCC.

Read and Write Gold video

Check out the Events Page for information and training sessions related to AT or the Handouts and Tutorial pages for instructions.

Adaptive Computing Stations

These stations are distributed across our campuses and some of our extended learning sites and are available for anyone to use, although preference is given for to those who have specific needs to be met. There are tutorials available online as well as group trainings to help make sure people know how to use specific features. All stations are equipped with the standard build accessibility software but also feature things such as:

  • Height adjustable tables with ergonomic chairs
  • Modified keyboard and mouse options
  • Additional software upon request

Adaptive Equipment Loans

There are a wide variety of items available through the library loan system. The Adaptive Equipment Loans page describes the items that are available through either the general library loan, which are available to anyone with a current PCC library card, and the specialized loans that are handled through Disability Services. .

Specialized Adaptive Computing Services

In addition to the open access adaptive computing that is provided for all PCC students, there are also more specialized options for students working with Disability Services. Talk to disability services to see if individualized training and needs assessments or installation of adaptive devices and software would be appropriate.

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