In-Class Aides

Requests should be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to your need.

In-Class Aides are assigned to eligible students and attend class to perform academic-related tasks. Duties may include setting up materials, doing the "hands-on" work in labs, and describing visual work presented in class.

How To Obtain This Service

Request an aide from your Disability Services Counselor. If this request is approved, the counselor will forward the request to the DS District Coordinator.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Understand the role of your aide. Your aide is to follow your directions, not direct you. The aide is not allowed to participate in any class activities, help you with homework outside of class, assist you with personal tasks, guide you to your classroom or other sites on campus, serve as your tutor, or discuss anything about you with your instructor or classmates. If your aide serves as your writer for a test or in-class assignment, (s)he is only to write exactly what you dictate (including incorrect English usage). You must direct the aide to capitalize letters, indent paragraphs, and to make specific punctuation marks. You are also responsible for the spelling of uncommon words.
  2. Attend class regularly. If you must miss a class, you must notify the DS District Coordinator as soon as possible (leave a phone message or send an email). Your aide will only take notes when you attend class. If you are absent, you must make arrangements to get notes from a classmate.
  3. If you miss more than three classes, the aide will stop going to your class. You will need to meet with the DS District Coordinator before the aide will return. Every absence after that may result in a suspension of services until you meet with the Coordinator.
  4. Be on time for class. The Aide will wait ten minutes; if you do not arrive within that time, the aide will notify DS of your absence.
  5. Notify the DS District Coordinator if your aide is absent or late. You will need to have an "emergency plan" ready if your aide is absent. Always have NCR notepaper and a classmate volunteer available.
  6. Provide paper and other supplies for your aide. Do not use NCR notepaper from DS unless there are two DS students receiving aide services.
  7. Review your notes after every class. Tell the aide if you have any questions or concerns about the notes.
  8. Contact the DS District Coordinator if you have any problems, questions, or if you must cancel this service.