AT for General Loan - through the Library

Items that are Loaned out through the Library

The following items are available to current students for checkout through the library. Students may want to contact the library to verify item availability. No prior approval through Disability Services is necessary. See our complementary page for loans of equipment that are more specialized.

Please note that training in the use of loaner equipment is available through Disability Services. Please contact any campus DS Office to get scheduled for individual or group training.



These lightweight units run on rechargeable AA batteries and can be used for several days on a single charge. They offer a full keyboard and the ability to save multiple documents or spreadsheets. Files can be sent to computers or printers via USB cable. There are both Dana and Neo models available. The Neo allows for large type.

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Laptops for short term use

- 4 hour

These are laptops that can be checked out for four hours at a time by students who need to use voice recognition software. We recommend reserving one of the library rooms to ensure a quiet space in which to work. A microphone is included.


Ergonomic Keyboard

There are a wide range of keyboards available for use. Units can also be placed in classroom locations upon request. Examples include curved ergonomic split keyboards, large print high contrast keyboards, as well as compact keyboards.

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Mouse Options

Ergonomic Mouse Options

There are a variety of alternate mousing options including trackballs, tablets, and other input devices.

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Amplification Systems

There are a variety of tools available that can be used to amplify the sound of those who are speaking. Examples include FM systems (which have two parts, both a microphone and transmitter which is worn by the speaker, and the headphones and receiver which is worn by the student). Self contained units, microphones, and specialized devices such as electronic stethoscopes.

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Adaptive Accessories

There is a large range of accessories available.

Magnification or Display Aids

We have both low tech magnification tools such as magnifying sheets, or glasses and higher tech hand held devices that use a camera and light to magnify.

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Calculators and Dictionaries

Franklin spellers, talking calculators for both basic arithmetic and scientific functions.

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Headset microphones as well as goose-neck table top units that connect with USB are available.

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Cassette recorders and players as well as digital recorders and players are available along with specialized DAISY book format devices.

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Ergonomic Supports

Adjustable angle reading desks, articulating arms, and gel keyboards and mouse pad rests are available.

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Note that the library also has digital recorders that can be borrowed for up to one week at a time. If you wish to borrow the units for the full-term you will need to specify this at the time of check-out.