Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon


PCC makes a variety of equipment available to students. Much of this equipment can be borrowed directly from the library by current students with active library accounts. Specialized items require approval and coordination through Disability Services. Please contact your Disability Services Counselor if you need an item that doesn't seem to be available or if you need training.

Items Loaned through the Library

Most general AT, such as alternate mice, keyboards, calculators, microphones, etc. can be borrowed by anyone who needs them.

Items Loaned through Disability Services

Specialized loans are available through DS upon approval for items such as Classmate readers, iPads, Laptops, etc.

Additional Notes

In addition to the items that can be checked out from the library, there are also specialized hardware and software applications that can be loaded onto computers as needed to ensure equal access, and Ergonomic Furniture such as chairs, podiums, and height adjustable tables that can be placed in classrooms and labs across our campus and extension sites as appropriate to meet individual need.

See our Adaptive Computing page for details on open access computing stations across our campuses that are equipped with enhanced features such as larger monitors, height adjustable tables, scanners, CCTVs and specialized software.

TTY and Video Phone locations

Telecommunication Devices

  • Cascade Campus
    • Student Services Building, payphone at street level entrance
    • Student Center Building, library, free
  • CLIMB Center for Advancement
    • Payphone at street level entrance
  • Portland Metro Workforce Training Center
    • Career Center (no charge for career center trainees/emergency calls)
  • Rock Creek Campus
    • Building 9, Information Center (no charge)
  • Southeast Campus
    • Mt. Tabor Hall, payphone at street level entrance near Crossroads CafĂ©
  • Sylvania Campus
    • College Center (CC) Building, payphone behind Information near the glass doors
    • Health Technology (HT) Building, payphone on lower level near parking lot doors
    • Science Technology (ST) Building, Disability Services office

Video Phone for deaf students (located in the Sylvania DS office in ST 229)