Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Items that are loaned through Disability Services

The items loaned through Disability Services are provided on a term by term basis. The purpose of these loans is not to provide ongoing personal home-based use of college-owned equipment, but rather to ensure students have the opportunity to try different approaches, find what works, and establish a plan to ensure ongoing access to tools and techniques that are effective. Approval is required and training is available. Please consult with a DS Counselor or Accessibility Specialist if there are questions or concerns about the loan process. There are also loans available through the Library for general AT equipment.

Dell LaptopLaptop Computers
These are typically loaded with specialized software.
Specialized Magnification Options
Disability Services provides options such as the LVI Magnilink video magnifier, CCTV units, and high-resolution. cameras.
livescribeLivescribe System
The Livescribe Smart Pens and Dot Paper are used to create multimedia notes. Loaners are provided on a "try it before you buy it" basis that is limited to a single term. Disability Services loans out the Echo pens as well as 3D recording earbuds. Note that the bookstores also sell livescribes and supplies which can be purchased with financial aid and that Disability Services offers training for anyone who wants to attend (students, staff, and faculty).
iPadiPads and Android Tablets
The Disability Services iPads are for loan to students who experience specific vision impacts that make it important to have a portable CCTV option, zoom and/or text to speech. Loaners are prioritized for those with both alternate format and direct classroom needs. Disability services has 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPads, iPad minis, and Android tablets.
Classmate ReaderClassmate Readers
These portable players feature a color touch screen and play materials off of SD cards. They function as authorized Learning Ally players and can be used to access DAISY, HTML, Doc, RTF, TXT, or MP3. Loaners are prioritized for those with alternate format needs who do not have other playback options.