Accommodations and Services

PCC Uses an Individualized Accommodation process

PCC Disability Services Counselors and Specialists meet with students to verify eligibility for specific academic adjustments.

After the orientation and initial meeting with DS to verify eligibility and get login credentials, students will login to our online accommodation management system to make specific requests each term. AIM Video screenshotLogin Button for Accommodation Management System

Accommodation Management System

Examples of accommodations and services available for use by eligible students include but are not limited to the following:

Classroom Accommodations

Course Material Accommodations

  • Alternate Formats for Print include large print, Braille, audio, accessible electronic text, DAISY, etc
  • Media Captioning is provided for video content shown in courses, provided through textbook supplements, or shared online through official PCC websites

Liaison Services

  • Requests for consideration of adjustments to course specific policies may be included on notification letters
  • Statements of support may be discussed and provided as appropriate
  • Assistance navigating college processes such as financial aid appeals or academic progress reviews or student conduct hearings may also be provided
  • GED Test Accommodations are facilitated and guidance is provided for other external testing entities

Programmatic Accommodations

  • Course Substitutions
  • Reduced Course Loads

General Services

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