New Students to Disability Services



Students are responsible for initiating the accommodation request process.  You should begin these steps immediately after you’ve registered for classes and before the term begins.

Here is how you can become eligible for accommodations:

Getting Started

There are three pieces that need to be in place to get started.

Determining Accommodations

After getting the process started you will Meet with DS for a confidential initial appointment where you and the counselor or specialists will discuss appropriate accommodations based on your disability.

Putting Accommodation in Place each Term

Once you have your eligibility set for the accommodations you need, you will be able to login to our secure online system to request the Services and Acommodations you need in the courses you are registered for. There will be agreement forms with specific information about your rights and responsibilities.

After you make requests through the online system, the "Approved Academic Accommodations" form is generated, and can be printed out but is also emailed to each instructor.

In addition to providing the notification, you will also need to communicate with each instructor.Disability Services can help with any questions or concerns that arise. You might also want to Review our "Tips for Success" page which includes study skills and test taking strategies to help you be a successful student.