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LivescribeHelping students maximize learning from lectures

In the summer of 2012 Disability Services began working with faculty to pilot a project in which livescribe pens can be used by Accessibility Aides to create multimedia notes which were then shared with the class as a whole.

The pilot took place in three math classes and one foreign language class.

At the end of the term the students in the class were asked to share their feedback.

They were asked about:

  • Use of the multimedia notes
    • 86% of the students who responded had used the notes
  • Effectiveness of the notes compared to standard written notes
    • 90% of those found them effective
  • Feedback or Comments
    • Lots of positive words and a few really good ideas that we will implement

Disability Services is continuing the pilot into the 2013-2014 year. See our handout describing the Pilot

Additional feedback will be collected from faculty in CTE and Math courses who are using Livescribe in their teaching.

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