Faculty Collaborations with Disability Services

A Shared Responsibility

Portland Community College can only fulfill our mission of equal access when we work together to acknowledge a shared responsibility to advance inclusive opportunities that maintain high standards while minimizing barriers.

Disability Services is here to coordinate individual adjustments for students, but also to work proactively with faculty and staff to ensure potential barriers are removed at the design stage whenever possible. There are many opportunities to connect, engage, and collaborate. Below are descriptions of some of these options.

Math 20 Fraction Kits

A group of math faculty worked to create an activity packet with maniplutives to support student engagement and learning. Disability Services worked with these faculty to ensure the packet was fully accessible and helped to create 3D printed faction kits. Learn more about this project here!

Math Accessibility Study

The Math Accessibility project underway at PCC is a great example of how institutions can get it right. We are collaborating and innovating with technology in ways that both improve student outcomes and honor our commitment to equal access.

Universal Design Pilot

Disability Services is partnering with faculty who are interested in hired Accessibility Aides to go into classrooms and take notes with livescribe smartpens then share the multimedia notes with students in the class.

Learn more about the Livescribe Pilot

Technical Standards Review

Many programs have technical requirements that need to be written carefully to ensure we are promoting participation of underrepresented groups while maintaining high standards. Departments are encouraged to work collaboratively with Disability Services to review current language in consideration of elements such as:

  • Sensory differences
  • Full-time status requirements
  • Clinical or Internship placement needs
  • Certification or Licensure requirements

Individualized Consultation

Disability Services is always happy to sit down, or chat on the phone, or exchange emails, as needed to be sure faculty across the district, whether full-time or part-time, feel supported in making sure courses, programs, and other offerings are inclusive, accessible, and working well for the students who are intended to benefit.