Online Accommodation Management System

Moving from a paper based approach to more flexible online servicesShift key on keyboard

Disability Services is shifting from hard copy to online systems.

See our Frequently Asked Questions

What faculty need to know:

  • Look in your email for important notifications (and check spam)- the Approved Academic Accommodation letters are sent to instructors through PCC email, as are the testing center reminders.
  • Complete the Testing Contract - This is a brief online form that is similar to the Accommodated Exam Information Form (AEIF) used in the past. This form must be completed if you wish to have the testing center proctor.
  • Ask Questions - we are here to help, and welcome questions, comments, etc.

Our new accommodation management system provides user accounts for:

  • Disability Services
  • Testing Centers
  • Students who use accommodation

Faculty members don’t need to login, but will need to check their PCC email for important communications from Disability Services, and will need to provide information to the testing centers if assistance is needed in proctoring exams.

Online Accommodation System Open Houses for faculty

Disability Services holds Faculty Open House sessions to learn more about email notifications and accommodated exam process changes. Check our past events page for details.

See our two page handout for a synopsis of the changes with articulation of alignment with the Panther Path student success model.Calendar

AIM Labs for Students

Disability Services is working with students individually to ensure they know how to use the new accommodation management system. Any student who does not wish to leverage the online interface is still able to accomplish all the same tasks by coming in to meet with a counselor. For students who wish to use the system, but want extra practice and support with the system, we have group lab sessions, drop in hours, or individual appointments.

Sample Faculty Notification Letters

We have samples of notification letters that can be reviewed for context. Remember that eligibility is determined and notification letters are generated on an individualized basis.

Testing Contracts

The testing centers can proctor accommodated exams on behalf of faculty, but only if they have the appropriate information needed to do so. It is imperative that the brief online testing contract be completed promptly if faculty wish to have the Testing Centers assist with proctoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't received an email notification but one of my students said it was sent, what does this mean?

Most likely it means that the notification was caught by the postini spam filter. We are working to reduce this potential, but encourage faculty to actively check their quarantined and spam folder filtered mail. If you have looked there and still don't find the notice, you can email and we will investigate. Remember too that students can login to the system and print off copies of the notifications so if you would prefer a hard copy that is not problem.

I received a notification, but the student hasn't connected with me yet, don't they have to?

Students absolutely need to connect with instructors. Each student who provides formal notification of accommodation must connect with his or her instructors to make sure the adjustments needed will be put in place in an effective manner. We make this clear to students in all of our conversations, and this information is also outlined on the AAA form (both when it was a blue form and now that it is an email). If you are concerned about a student who is not communicating with you directly, but who has initiated notification, please feel free to contact the DS counselor listed on the notification. He or she could then spend some extra time with that student working on self-advocacy skills. It is not your job to have to follow up after the student, but it is one of the aspects of student development that is core to our work. We appreciate when faculty pass concerns forward and will do our best to reinforce what students need to understand to be successful.

I received a notification but plan to proctor my own exams, do I need to fill out the testing contract?

No, the testing contract is just for situations in which the testing center is asked to proctor on behalf of faculty.

I received a notification but all my exams are through D2L, do I need to fill out the testing contract?

No, the testing contract is just for situations in which the testing center is asked to proctor on behalf of faculty. Contact Andy Freed with questions about how adjust exam parameters in D2L.

I received notification and there were multiple options for the testing adjustments, both 1.5 and 2 times for the extended time adjustment. Which do I go by?

Students who are eligible for extended time are eligible to use the maximum that is approved, but we also list the lower level adjustments so that students can indicate which of the available time extensions he or she wishes to use on each individual exam.