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Ensuring equal access to college courses, programs, and events is a shared responsibility. Faculty and staff across our campuses have an important role to play in making sure students feel welcomed. There is a lot we can do proactively to remove barriers, but at a minimum, we need to be responsive to requests for reasonable accommodation.

Top Tips and Best Practices

Choosing Content or Service Providers to Adopt

www.pcc.edu/publishers – provides information related to the relative pros and cons of adopting particular materials from publishers such as textbook companion sites, complementary resource libraries, and interactive exercise and test bank options that integrate with pcc learning management systems.

Creating Accessible Instructional Materials

www.pcc.edu/access – provides quick instructions, detailed tutorials, as well as on-campus training opportunities

Finding Accessible Multimedia Content

This handout on searching for captioned video provides tips for finding YouTube content with actual captions (not transcribed automatically) and also discusses functionality of interactive transcripts.

Featured Resources

Subject Area Specific Resources

The Arts
Art Beyond Sight

This resource provides educators with examples and resources for multi-modal teaching

AccessSTEM from the University of Washington

This resources provides educators with examples such as talking data collection tools and strategies


This resource list is quite comprehensive and includes detailed information

The Diagram Center

This Benetech offering is funded by the Department of Education to make it easier, faster, and more cost effective to create and use accessible images so that students with print disabilities have timely access to the information they need.

Archive recordings and custom report pages available to PCC Staff and Faculty

  • The Disability Services Resource Collection is growing!
  • We have a variety of resources to share and recommend for those who are interested.
  • Contact disability.services@pcc.edu to let us know what you are looking for.