Sustainable Waste Stream


Along with purchasing compostable disposables, PCC has tried a handful of pilot on-campus composting programs over the years. Currently, Food Service is working with Facilities on a pre-consumer composting pilot to divert coffee grounds, peelings, bones, etc out of the landfill stream. As of November, estimates are as high as 600 pounds of food waste diverted per week! Part of the composted material is going to the new worm bins located near the learning garden at the Sylvania Campus, and any additional food waste is being picked up by Multnomah County's new city composting program. For more information on this program, visit the Sustainability: Recycling website.

In addition, the Rock Creek Campus has been working diligently on composting for almost 5 years now! The campus also started out with worm bins, which are still being used, and in the Fall of 2010, they also purchased a new in-vessel composter called the "rocket". Learn more about composting at Rock Creek.