Sustainable Food


Between 26% and 30% of the total amount Dinning Services spends on food each year is spent on products that are produced, grown or manufactured within 250 miles of a PCC campus. This doesn't include any local produce, which is purchased seasonally, because we currently do not have a way to track local produce.


There are many products we purchase that are organic, but similar to local produce, we currently do not have an efficient way to track total purchases. Some companies we regularly purchase from that provide organic products are;

  • Columbia Gorge
  • Viso
  • Pacific Natural
  • Harry’s Soups
  • Portland Roasting Coffee

Fair Trade

PCC Dining Services purchases fair trade coffee from two vendors; Portland Roasting and Starbucks.

Vegetarian & Vegan Options

Although each campus offers a different variety of options based on their size, each campus does offer AT LEAST one vegetarian and/or vegan option. Each campus café does offer Higher Taste sandwiches (which are all vegetarian and also offer some vegan options) provided by a local, family owned business, in addition to other offerings that may be available.