Sustainable Disposables

In an effort to reduce waste whenever possible, Dining Services has been using compostable utensils and compostable or recyclable to-go containers as much economically possible. A list of the current disposables is listed below, but we are always researching new products so the list may not have the latest additions and/or changes.

Product Company Category*
Disposable Containers Eco-Products C
Disposable Containers Wilkinson C
Disposable Containers PET R
Disposable Containers Stalk C
Disposable Containers Nworks C
Disposable Containers Foldpak C
Disposable Cups Ecotainer C
Disposable Utensils Bio C
Disposable Utensils Ecoprod C
Disposable Lids Ecoprod C
Napkins Earthwise C

*Category: C=Compostable, R=Recyclable