Student Scholarships

Dining Services students employees are eligible for a $1000 scholarship offered every term. The scholarships are funded by the tips customers leave in tip jars at food service locations. Each term, up to ten $10,000 scholarship are awarded. Below are some of the recipients and their stories.


Josh Martinez (Fall 2008 Scholarship Recipient)

Josh Martinez worked at the Rock Creek Campus in the Cafe during his years as a student at PCC. He moved to Portland from Fresno, California with his girlfriend and daughter. When he enrolled at PCC he found work as a cashier and stockroom worker at the cafeteria. But he needed help to pay bills and a cook told him about the scholarships.

The second-year student was awarded a Dining Services scholarship in the Fall of 2008. He is using the money to finish his transfer degree to, "find out what I want to do".


Galina Spasova (Fall 2009 Scholarship Recipient)

Galina Spasova started working for Dining Services the same term she started attending PCC; in the Fall of 2008. Ms. Spasova has enjoyed her time at PCC and at Dining Services, but says the financial strain of being an international student can be extremely stressful. In order to pay her tuition for the year, she spends her summers working at a cannery in Alaska and uses her paycheck during the year to pay for rent and other expenses.